Aaron Hernandez is in a 2014 University of Florida calendar [PHOTO]

1x1.trans Aaron Hernandez is in a 2014 University of Florida calendar [PHOTO]

Aaron Hernandez was a break out star for the Florida Gator football team as a tight end and was a very successful weapon for Tom Brady on the New England Patriots. He also was accused of murder and is undergoing trial for it. That didn’t stop someone from putting him on the July page of what looks like the University of Florida calendar. I would expect someone in Public Relations for UF to be making a statement soon and some new calendars possibly released. Go Gators!

UPDATE: @GatorzoneFB clarified some info about the calendar

The Big Ten mascots took a selfie in front of the White House [PHOTO]


If you were wandering the streets of Washington DC, you may have seen all of the mascots of the Big Ten conference decide to pose for an epic selfie. The B1G is welcoming Rutgers and Maryland to their conference and what better way to show their affection? Who doesn’t want to see a Spartan, a…
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A Florida Gator fan painted his truck to look like this [PHOTO]


There are dedicated fans and then there is this. It seems this Florida Gator fan decided to paint a massive Gator on his truck. Hopefully head coach Will Muschamp can turn the Florida Gator football program around so this truck will still be worth something. Now that's commitment pic.twitter.com/bIuuhqNVuZ — Morgan Moriarty (@Morgan_Moriarty) June 20,…
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An Auburn fan has a 1 second license plate making fun of Alabama [PHOTO]

Auburn Alabama License Plate

If you know any Auburn fans, then you probably know what the phrase “Got a second?” as it relates to Auburn Tiger football. Auburn was able to upset the highly ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl last year and the kick six that ended the game will forever live on. Apparently an Auburn…
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Hugh Freeze is out taking selfies with massive fish [PHOTO]


When you are an SEC football coach and you run an awesome Twitter feed, chances are that I’m going to think it’s awesome. Hugh Freeze, head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels, has had a consistently hilarious Twitter account. Now he is out taking pictures with him and big fish. Anytime you tweet “Yahtzee!”, I’m…
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The Wikipedia page for the new Bitcoin St. Petersburg bowl may be a little offensive [PHOTO]


Mankind now has all of it’s knowledge in storage known online as the internet. What do we do with it? We post pictures of our cats, argue with strangers, and edit new college football bowl game Wikipedia pages. The college football bowl game for St. Petersburg has been renamed the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl which…
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Washington State Cougar fans took their school’s flag to The World Cup in Brazil [PHOTO]

Wazzu Cougar Flag

The World Cup is going on in Brazil and soccer fever has taken over the world… except for college football fans. These Washington State fans not only took a Wazzu flag to the World Cup but also put up this picture on their social media accounts. The dread pirate Leach would be impressed by this…
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Online recruiting services are starting to creep Kai Locksley out [PHOTO]

Kai Locksley

  Caring about your team is important. Sometimes caring about your team too much can be a little creepy. Kai Locksley is finding out what it’s like to be a high profile athlete being talked about on online message boards. It’s really creepy. Apparently he put a picture up of him and his mom on…
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The Rice Owls changed the recruiting game by sending a letter to a recruit’s cat [PHOTO]


If you knew that the best way to get JT Granato to sign at Rice University was by sending a letter to his cat, please come down and collect your check for one million dollars because that’s exactly what happened. According to SBNation, this is what the Rice Owls sent to JT: “As you know we’re…
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