Mark Richt can still do a mean gymnastic front flip [PHOTO]

1x1.trans Mark Richt can still do a mean gymnastic front flip [PHOTO]

In case you were bored right before the football season started, head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, Mark Richt, decided to liven things up with some gymnastics. The 54 year old coach can really fly through the air. I doubt most people in there 50′s could do that.

Jeremy Foley would like you to buy 2014 Gator Football season tickets [PHOTO]


In the aftermath of the 2013 4-8 debacle of a Florida Football season, Jeremy Foley is asking students to purchase tickets for the upcoming season. The athletic director of the University of Florida sent out this email today to students. This is pretty par for the course for a team coming off a losing season…
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Penn State is having their players wear boxing gloves to field punts [VIDEO]

Penn State Boxing Gloves

It looks as if Charles Huff, the special teams coordinator for Penn State, is having his players catch balls on special teams while wearing boxing gloves. In the video, Huff doesn’t explicitly mention the boxing gloves however you can see the player with them on. It’s a bold tactic that makes a lot of sense.…
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Michigan State misspells ‘accurate’ and hilarity ensues [PHOTO]

Michigan State Accurate

Sometimes it’s important if things are “accurate” in college football and this is one of those times. When putting up any sign in the college football realm, it’s important to make sure things are “accurate” so this doesn’t happen. Michigan State found this out the hard way today. Right before the season is about to…
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The Big Ten mascots took a selfie in front of the White House [PHOTO]


If you were wandering the streets of Washington DC, you may have seen all of the mascots of the Big Ten conference decide to pose for an epic selfie. The B1G is welcoming Rutgers and Maryland to their conference and what better way to show their affection? Who doesn’t want to see a Spartan, a…
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A Florida Gator fan painted his truck to look like this [PHOTO]


There are dedicated fans and then there is this. It seems this Florida Gator fan decided to paint a massive Gator on his truck. Hopefully head coach Will Muschamp can turn the Florida Gator football program around so this truck will still be worth something. Now that's commitment — Morgan Moriarty (@Morgan_Moriarty) June 20,…
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An Auburn fan has a 1 second license plate making fun of Alabama [PHOTO]

Auburn Alabama License Plate

If you know any Auburn fans, then you probably know what the phrase “Got a second?” as it relates to Auburn Tiger football. Auburn was able to upset the highly ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl last year and the kick six that ended the game will forever live on. Apparently an Auburn…
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Hugh Freeze is out taking selfies with massive fish [PHOTO]


When you are an SEC football coach and you run an awesome Twitter feed, chances are that I’m going to think it’s awesome. Hugh Freeze, head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels, has had a consistently hilarious Twitter account. Now he is out taking pictures with him and big fish. Anytime you tweet “Yahtzee!”, I’m…
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