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Coach Ron Prince Reportedly Got His Paws On Kim Kardashian


Ron Prince, the offensive line coach of the Indianapolis Colts and former Kansas State head coach, was rumored to have been romantically linked to Kim Kardishian. She was seen in this picture with Kansas State paws on her “extremities”. Via Known for his power towel waving, Ron Prince is a God among men.

The Corndog Wikipedia page has been updated for the Alabama – LSU Game

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 9.12.19 PM

As LAmeetsDC points out, someone has edited the Wikipedia page for what a corndog is. It was taken down within 5 minutes since it was posted. Look under the Pop Culture section and see what was written. I especially like how the See also section lists an LSU fan. Troll hard Bama fans! Troll hard. […]

Harvey Updyke and tree costume spotted

This may be one of the funniest Halloween costumes I’ve seen in awhile. A couple went to a Halloween party with one person dressed as a tree from Toomer’s Corner and the other as Harvey Updyke. Notice the poison on “Harvey Updyke’s” hand. Nice touch. Via Joey__T

Florida Gator cheerleaders take up Tebowing

The Gator Cheerleading squad took up the internet phenomenon of “Tebowing” this weekend at the Florida Georgia game. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party didn’t work out so great for the Gators but here was a bright spot for the cheerleading team. Via I never was into planking and probably won’t get into Tebowing either […]

The Updyked trees at Auburn

Our friend Rick Muscles went above and beyond the call of duty and got pictures of the “dying” trees at Auburn. Via I’m no horticulturist but they look fine to me. Maybe Harvey Updyke didn’t do a great job of poisoning Toomer’s Corner. Still, this year’s Iron Bowl will be as crazy as ever.

Kirk Herbstreit loves the Pen15 club

Whoever got this sign on the air is a genius. They used ESPN to mock Kirk Herbstreit. BTW, #OccupyHerbstreit. Via dmbmeg See ESPN, this is how you properly link your sources. She broke the Denard Robinson Twitter Hack story but no one gave her credit! Give her a follow, she is doing God’s work.

The Big 12 hates geography

It looks as if West Virginia is headed to the Big 12 and Mizzou is probably headed to the SEC. Conference expansion has gotten even more annoying than UCF fans. Most everyone is wishing all of this happened during the off season. We should be focused on football rather than conferences, money, and TV deals. […]

The obsession grows: Tebowing t-shirts now available


#Tebowing and @Tebowing are taking Twitter and ESPN by storm. Tebow-mania has been going crazy ever since… well ever since the kid was in High School. It got even crazier when he completed a 4th and 1 against Tennessee in 2006 as a true Freshman. He was a part of the 2006 and 2008 National […]