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AJ McCarron May Want To Watch What He Tweets

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AJ McCarron Tweeted that LSU played no one on their schedule. Before I could get a screen cap. He later apologized and deleted his tweet. Nick Saban would tell him to “SETTLE THE F DOWN!”. Update: According to Hunter L. Johnson. It’s a fake account. Carry on.

Nick Saban Spotted At Penn State


It’s been a weird turning of events in the coaching carousel this year. The Ole Miss job is open. The Penn State job is open. Urban Meyer just took the Ohio State job. Well RadioFreeBlake did some investigation and found Nick Saban at Penn State. Could Alabama lose Darth Lord Saban? Don’t worry they…

Wednesday State of The Union

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The Gators may not be able to beat the Seminoles on the field but we can sure as well troll them off of the field. Bring us fortune while we shamelessly self promote ourselves and CFBSection. Bring us fortune! Purchase these here. Archie Manning caught eating with new Ole Miss Head Coaching candidate! [Friends of […]

Blog So Hard University – The Coaching Staff

Tonight on Twitter KegsNEggs, FightonTwist, and I were discussing the possibility of bloggers actually taking over coaching a university and seeing how we would run it. Here comes the break down. Head Coach – Spencer Hall of EDSBS (Obvious choice for the humor) Defensive Coordinator – FightonTwist (Southern roots, Knack for ball hawking) Offensive Coordinator […]

Aubrn T-Shirt Spotted in Thailand


Via I don’t see what the problem is… The misspelling of Auburn is funny. I didn’t know there was such a demand for knockoff Auburn apparel. I would have thought it would be Gucci, Versace, Ralph Lauren, or the dreaded Ed Hardy in Thailand. Guess the Tiger Nation is everywhere.

Interview with Urban Meyer’s Daughter


I got the chance to sit down with Urban Meyer’s daughter Nicki Meyer. Check it out! Big thanks goes out to Nicki for the interview. Nicki Please use Firefox or Safari in order for the audio to work correctly.

No Discussion: Ball Does Not Belong in the Heisman Race

[Written by Gothlaw - ParadigmShift35] Wisconsin running back, Montee Ball, seems to have a lot going for him in the Heisman discussion: The injury to RGIII, Luck’s ho-hum final game against Notre Dame, competing against system guys (Weeden, Keenum, Moore, etc), and of course, those eye-popping 34 total touchdowns, 20 on the ground, and 1600 […]