If Urban Meyer goes to Ohio State, it’s Time For Gator Fans To Show Some Maturity

1x1.trans If Urban Meyer goes to Ohio State, its Time For Gator Fans To Show Some Maturity

Rarely do I get serious about anything on this site. It’s meant to be fun and entertain. Well, last night I read what Gator fans were saying about Urban Meyer and I was disgusted. I also saw what people were writing to Urban’s daughters online. (You guys have a lot of Internet courage).

It sounded like the type of people who would call into the Finebaum show angry about a loss by a Field Goal. Tammy from Finebaum had more sense than these people.

I decided to post a series of tweets explaining that no Gator fan should ever turn on Meyer. I witnessed two National Championships under his regime. I witnessed the Wyoming game and the beginning of the Urban Meyer era. I cheered in the stands and was at the Championship games. How as a fan could I ever turn on Urban Meyer and now hate him?

The same goes for you who did the same. You can’t have the good times without the bad. Deal with it. That’s life.

My favorite part of the night was that people were actually telling me Urban wasn’t a good coach anyways and it was all Tebow.

Urban came in and won a National Championship with Zook’s players and Quarterback Chris Leak. Your argument is invalid.

Urban won at BOWLING GREEN and went undefeated at Utah. He won BCS National Championships in 2006 and 2008. He was voted COACH OF THE DECADE. Maybe I’m wrong the coach of the decade isn’t a good coach. Your argument is invalid.

“BUT HE LEFT US TWICE, THAT AIN’T SOMETHING GOOD COACHES DO PAAAAWWWLLL”. Yeah, well the guy is human and has a family. 2 years off isn’t enough time to get healthy and spend quality family time? Modern medicine is pretty advanced. We didn’t just discover penicillin. Your argument is invalid.

Ohio State fans. You are getting one hell of a coach. I wish you the best Urban Meyer.

Please don’t act like idiots on the Internet and be disrespectful to him and his family. If you disagree with me on any of this, that is your opinion but my God, leave his family out of it.

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  1. I’m having Saban flashbacks. MY biggest problem with Saban at Bama (and remember, I’m among the more rational few) was that up until 2 hours before the announcement, Saban patently denied he was going to Bama. I’m not upset that he’s at one of LSU’s biggest rivals. I’m upset because he lied about it.

    I think (and I’m only guessing here) that people are upset about Urbz to tOSU for the same reason, but putting a keyboard in front of some people automatically makes them lose about 40 IQ points. Then again, what do I know?

  2. Couldn’t agree more with everything you said. My only concern is the Nick Saban factor. I think every last one of us knows Alabama wouldn’t be where they are if Saban wasn’t the lying sack of compost he is to stand there and say on camera “Im not the next coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide”. I hope he’s just flat out being up front with everyone here, I can respect that if he is. But dont tell me “I’ve not been offered a job nor is there any deal in place” and then we find out that it was all a hoax. Character was what we came to admire about him the most, especially how his character effected Tebow’s and vice-versa. I hope he doesn’t completely piss it all away in one fall swoop.

  3. I.would never, EVER, say that Urban was not a food coach. He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. But, going to Ohio State should not be an option he’s considering. If he’s seriously taking time off to get his health in order and spend time with his family, then that should be what he’s doing, not screening coaching offers from other schools. As for it being that detestable univ up in Ohio, the Gator fans who, like myself, have an intense dislike for all this OSU, it’s mostly a thing of loyalty why we don’t want Urban, one of our most beloved coaches ever, to start working for a rival. It’s on par, I believe, with him going to FSU or UGA. We expect a certain degree.of fidelity and loyalty from our coaches, especially one that is so revered and loved by Gator fans all over. For him to leave us due to medical reasons then end up at a rival school is a huge slap in the face to the Gator Nation.

    • By GAB April 5, 2007 – 6:12 amMan, being a lifetime Irish fan and Gator fan by mrgriaae, sounds like you folks are still ticked that the Gators ended up with Meyer and not you. Had he gone to ND and brought that National Title back to campus there, you would praising him and worshiping the ground he walks on. And how many former ND staff do we now have on staff at UF?If memory serves me correct, he is the III and the original was a Catholic Pope. As of today, I still and always will love my Irish. As of today, UF now has 2 National FB titles, and two National Basketball Championships not to mention they have beat the OSU Buckeyes 3 straight times in the same school year. Its great to be a Gator right now. GO ND! GO IRISH GATORS!Thumbs Up/Down: 0 0

  4. Well done. I just do not understand any of this. The most negative possible reaction I can imagine any Gator fan having is “hm” or maybe “wish we had him back.” I started at UF in 2002 and finished in 2008. So trust me, Internet–TRUST ME–2006-2008 was football on a level I had never before seen it in person. That doesn’t happen without a great coach.

  5. People need to get over this whole “loyalty” thing. This is the United States of America where an adult is allowed to take any job he’s offered no matter how much it may upset people who prefer the former employer. The man isn’t being “disloyal” to Florida, he’s deciding what he wants to do with his own life. Also, giving all the credit to Tebow is preposterous and part of the revisionist history that surrounds everything #15 does.

  6. Some people are gonna sports-hate on stuff man. They get up in the morning and they can’t help it. Its part of the daily routine, like slurping up pancakes batter and resenting every single factor in their life they can’t walk up to and scowl at.

    People watch a dude call the refs ‘bastard’ for a few years and think ‘we’re bros!!’ and then dude takes another job and go ‘oh wait, we’re not really bros??’. I mean, really… If I change jobs I just have to deal with like 3 awkward conversations but good coaches, it’s like damn, I own you for LIFE you successful hyper analyzed MF’er. It’s weird and embarrassing but SEC fans have to deal with their mouthbreather huckleberry compatriots. Only way to get rid of them is to change football to soccer. Anyway, there’s a reason the Good Lord came down from heaven and made happy hour.

  7. Jake, I would think being dishonest to get out of a contract, then within a year signing another contract with a (financial) rival would raise the question of lying to your boss (Foley) who did the right thing. But I would expect more honesty from an adult… Don’t use your kids wanting their father back as an excuse, take less than a year off, and get another job that is at the same level of stress, time, and pressure. I love the university of Florida (2004 – 2008), I thank Meyer for coaching the team, but he’s pulling a Saban, and that leaves me with zero respect for him regardless of how many champioinships he won. Shows me lack of character, so he can take his money and go to Ohio, I think Foley should be the one asking questions with the legal team at UF about how to comp the money from the contract he signed, then bailed from to take another position. Just my 2 cents

  8. I think what most students/fans feel in regards to the whole situation is just given up on. Meyer was is and was one of the best coaches probably in the decade. But after Tebow graduated, and after the rough season following that (I was there, it was awful to watch), he did not seem into it. Therefore, it makes everyone wonder, was he only there to win? Was he only there for Tebow? Naturally, the coach wants to win, you are a lousy coach if you don’t. But, where’s your loyalty Urban? I realize you have been a OSU fan since birth but you have practically made your career at the University of Florida. We gave you two national titles, countless support and your star on the map. In regards to Jake, your comment is insensitive to the 50,000 student body of UF. You sound stupid. Loyalty and tradition is what the SEC is all about. And last time I checked, the SEC is the United States of America. And again,like the whole Saban ordeal, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it wasn’t OSU, common now. We hate OSU. Just give Gators some time to complain, vent and be mad. We don’t mean it, we are just mad. If it was your coach, your team, your school, you would probably do the same thing. This will all be over soon, and Gators will find a new enemy, like Brantley.

  9. I have been a gator fan/supporter for 30+ years, we have seen them all go on to better things. So why not Urban! He was one of the best coaches this university has ever seen. We wish him ALL OF THE BEST, and we will see him in Ohio. Everybody has a life and all lives change from time to time. We, as Gators should feel fortunate for the time we had with him. GOOOOOO Gators, Chomp, Chomp!!!!!

  10. I have one issue and one issue only. I can’t stand liars, and saying he was leaving coaching to spend time with his family and then goes to Ohio State a year later, it was ONE YEAR not two years as you state in your article, shows he is a LIAR. If he mans up and says he was a liar I will gain more respect for him but he won’t thus I have no respect for him. Character is more important than winning in my book. Other than that I could care less. The last two years with the spread option were very hard to watch. Without Whittingham/Mullen/Strong/Mattison/Gonzales etc. he wasn’t able to maintain the same level of excellence on the field. He was a great coach but great coaches also have great staffs, he couldn’t keep up.

  11. I too can’t believe all the whining and all the crap about Urban Meyer all over the internet, but when this vitriol is directed at both of his daughters that’s just plain wrong. It just sickens me to see how petty and childish some Gator fans have been behaving since all these rumors have surfaced.

    I agree with your article 100%; Urban put all of his heart into Florida football and within a relatively short period of time achieved what none of his predecessors have accomplished within that same time frame. His decision to step down permanently as our head football coach was in the best interests of not only himself, but that of his family and the Gator football program as a whole. If he decides to re-enter coaching at the college level that’s HIS decision to make, NOT the fans – I agree with what Jake had said. I refuse to assail or scorn him for whatever he decides to do going forward, and will always appreciate him for bringing success and a much-needed boost to Florida football after three years of Ron Zook. Nothing lasts forever, and there’s a time and reason for things that happen.

    • I sooooooo agree with you. When have we become a society of bullies and cowards. It’s NEVER ok to threaten young people, no matter the circumstances. And it is especially heinous to threaten and bully young people over something that they have no control over. Why can’t we thank Urban for making the Gators a National Championship team and let him get on with his life. This is like having the mentality that your ex is still your property and even though you don’t want them no one else should be able to have them either!

  12. Could not disagree with you more. Your statement,”Urban came in and won a National Championship with Zook’s players and Quarterback Chris Leak” just proves the point further. Sans Tebow, he won with recruits and a program built and maintained by someone else. His recruiting philosophies, as well as his ability to look the other way in off the field disciplinary activities should be of grave concern, especially given the lack of control being sanctioned by the NCAA at OSU. I’ll go one step further and say the 3rd best team won the SEC in 2006. The luck of the draw with respect to scheduling helped Meyer that season. FACT. Granted, the 2008 team was Loaded, and with Tebow at the helm their performance was truly amazing. Again, a Tebow-less 2008 squad was 9-3, tops.

    Short of Tebow, what talent has Meyer brought in that succeeded at the next level? Meyer’s performance last year was the writing on the wall, especially the dismantling endured at the Swamp. Look at how bare the talent pool Boom Muschamp has to work with, and one can quickly see why the jury is second guessing Meyer’s reasoning for departure. As Gene Chizik and Mack Brown can tell you, it is not about winning the Recruiting Derby, it’s about recruiting to fill the needs of your program and philosophies. Meyer missed the mark badly; in my mind, THIS is why he bolted, not once, but twice. Those in the know have more than an eyebrow raised – some are waving the white flag Urban dropped as he raced out of town with his pride and ego although tarnished, still intact.

    I wish he and his family well, but for folks to think he was one of the greatest coaches in SEC history is going to an extreme. Miles and Saban have better overall records and more victories in less time than while Urban was at Florida.

    If you really want inside information, ask someone on Urban’s 2005 staff what happened after 2 games of SEC competition during his 1st season, specifically referencing the complete redesign of his offensive playbook. Then ask them who the masterminds were behind the re-write. Mullen and Gonzales were intricately involved in that process, and they were gone after 2009. Also gone was Charlie Strong, who some say is the real reason Meyer was so successful in 2006. That defense was LOADED when Meyer showed up, and that was STRONG’s defense – not Urban’s.

    I wish everyone the best, only time will tell. That said, I am expecting only average results against TOP QUALITY TIER ONE competition. The Toledos and Ohio Valley’s of the world should help pad the schedule and aid in his job security. But as the Nebraska’s, MSU’s, Michigan’s, and Penn State’s start to re-emerge Meyer will face a similar fate unless he changes his way. I just don’t see this as the slam-dunk everyone else feels has taken place.

    • Luck of the draw in 2006? They had LSU, Alabama, and Auburn during the regular season, then Arkansas in the SECCG. How is playing the entire western division save the basement-dwelling Mississippi schools “luck of the draw”? Your immense butthurt has you engaging in some serious revisionist history. Not even bothering with the rest of your rant. Take a deep breath and go outside or something.

    • Mr. Templar, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

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