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The Florida Gator Cheerleaders Got Some Cool Looking Uniforms

Via @TarinMoses The Florida Gator cheerleaders got some sweet new uniforms. They have a picture of a Gator chomping if they move their arms. This is exactly what I needed to see while I’m in the Emergency Room. Thanks girls. Look for these on the sidelines of the Gator Bowl where the Gators take […]

ESPN’s Skycam Almost Crushes Iowa Player and Falls Onto Field [VIDEO]

The ESPN skycam is absolutely awesome… unless it’s crashing onto the field and almost killing an Iowa Hawkeye player. The game vs. the Oklahoma Sooners almost did almost that. The camera came within about 2 to 3 yards of landing on an Iowa player. Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, everyone was all right. This should […]

The Best Demon Deacon Interception [VIDEO]

The Mississippi State Bulldogs and Chris Relf took on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons where every Bulldog fan had a cowbell and played it all night long. This interception defined the night. Another catch where it bounced off of three players and was nothing short of exceptional. This is why we watch bowl season. This […]

BYU Pulls Off The Fake Spike In Order To Beat Tulsa Last Minute [VIDEO]

The BYU Cougars took on the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes in the Bell Helicopter Bowl. The final play of the game came down to the BYU Quarterback doing his best Dan Marino impression and fake spiking the ball and throwing it to an open  Wide Receiver. Rarely do you see this play run and actually work. […]

Two Players Get “Close” For A Touchdown

An FSU player and a Notre Dame player 69 so Bert Reed could get the Touchdown. Not that there is anything wrong with that. This is the extremely awkward part of football, the tangle between too bros. Too close man. Too close.

Florida Defensive End William Green Rides The Kiddy Rides At Theme Park


Via KingKone64 Florida Defensive End William Green thought he would have some fun in Jacksonville, Florida before the Gator Bowl between the Florida Gators and Ohio State Buckeyes. It’s good to know that the Gator players are focused on Ohio State. Big William Green thought he would hop on the kiddie ride and have […]

Interview With Nicki Meyer on Bowl Season [AUDIO]

Paul Johnson

I sat down with Urban Meyer’s daughter, Nicki Meyer, and we talked about the Hyundai Sun Bowl, the Gator Bowl, and the Allstate BCS National Championship Game. Sun Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Utah Gator Bowl: Florida vs. Ohio State BCS National Championship Game: Alabama vs. LSU Nicki Meyer plays Volleyball for the Georgia Tech […]

LSU Players Don’t Think Alabama Should Be In BCS Championship Game [VIDEO]

Apparently some LSU football players don’t think that the Alabama Crimson Tide should be in this football game. I wonder what Nick Saban and some of the Alabama players have to say about that. LSU Tiger Offensive Guard Will Blackwell was quoted as saying “Traditional it’s been the conference championships that should be in. We […]

Ole Miss: Get Your Hotty Toddies Ready Because Oxford Is Under a Freeze Alert!

[Written by Yolanda Hugg - ParadigmShift35] After the Ole Miss 2 and 10 season in 2011, Rebel fans were ready for a change for sure! I mean who wants to get all dressed up for tailgating and football watching at the Grove for your team to just get destroyed? That’s embarrassing and not acceptable in the […]