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Cam Newton Ticked Off He Didn’t Make The Playoffs [VIDEO]

Cam Newton is ticked off that he didn’t make the play offs as a rookie. He cited other quarterbacks that made the playoff as a rookie. Cam Newton made the Pro Bowl as a rookie but that wasn’t good enough. His 6 and 8 Carolina Panthers bothered him.

The Best Recruiting Class of 2012


Ball So Hard University, Recruiting Class of 2012 Cobra Kai Dojo Teacher, Coach Darth Vader, Defensive End The Predator, Defensive Tackle The Alien Queen, Linebacker Superman, Free Safety Deebo, Offensive Lineman Rambo, Full Back Alex Mason, Tight End Jason Hudson, Quarterback Viktor Resnov, Wide Receiver The Silver Surfer, ATH Overview of Class: This 2012 recruiting […]

Alabama Sorority Girls Create Worst Video Of All Time

The Alabama Crimson Tide Panhellenic Council has made the worst video ever. Not only do they incorporate Rebecca Black’s Friday, they also made up their own terrible rap. Hilarity ensued for all. The Panhellenic Council should be ashamed of this commercial. The girls need to learn a beat as well.

Mississippi State Doesn’t Have A Football Program?


Via @KyleVeazy A recruiting service may have made a mistake on the Mississippi State overview section. The service put “The selected team does not have a football program. Select a different team from the provided link to switch to basketball”. Dan Mullen would not be happy with this if he say it. It looks as […]

Mizzou Makes Worst Music Video

Welcome to the SEC Mizzou. You can use some mediocre video cameras and create another terrible SEC video. Your coach got a DUI. I think you guys are SEC ready.

The NFC Team Ran A Beautiful Fake Punt In the Pro Bowl

There is basically no defense at all in the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl. Even when they do get an interception, they start lateraling it to their teammates to show what a joke this game is. Well this fake punt was a thing of beauty. It was 4th and 3 and the punter threw the ball […]

Alabama Made T-Shirts Supporting The Alleged Teabagger


Via Deadspin A shirt showing the score of the Allstate BCS National Championship game was made by Alabama fans. Also on the shirt was the phrase “Bama Teabagged The Tigers”. This is an homage to the Alabama fan who was dumb enough to “tea bag” a passed out LSU fan in a New Orleans Krystal […]

A Red Solo Cup Trophy For Alabama Fans


Via @NicoRBR I’m not entirely sure what this thing is. It looks like a goblet of sort with a red solo cup on top. The bottom is classy and elegant yet the top is well… a red solo cup with an Alabama logo. Maybe this goblet represents the duality of human nature?

An Auburn/Lions Fan Is Accused of Calling In A Bomb Threat During Playoff Game


Shawn Peyton is an Auburn fan who says he called in a bomb threat to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome during the Detroit Lions playoff loss. He threatened to blow up the Superdome which was filled with 73,000 people while the Lions were losing to the New Orleans Saints. The 34 year old Shawn Payton admitted to […]

Cam Newton Having Fun In Hawaii At The Pro Bowl


Via SBNation Cam Newton’s pants are pulled so high up he looks like Urkel from the show Family Matters. Drew Brees is out there looking serious. Cam is watching on with a sideways hat and a white leggings. Keep doing what you are doing Cam. The only thing that is missing is his huge trade […]