Penn State Students Blame Board of Trustees At Vigil

1x1.trans Penn State Students Blame Board of Trustees At Vigil
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Joe Paterno passed away Sunday and was one of the most iconic coaches in college football. A vigil was held by Penn State students and alumni at State College.

Some of the students left behind positive memorabilia while others left material like in the picture above. I wasn’t aware that the Penn State Board of Trustees had the ability to give someone lung cancer which is what this picture suggests. (HT @RunTheDive)

The fact of the matter is that Joe Paterno didn’t die of a broken heart or anything having to do with his firing or Jerry Sandusky like some of the media is suggesting. He passed away because of Lung Cancer.

3 thoughts on “Penn State Students Blame Board of Trustees At Vigil

  1. I’d be interested to see what some of the other written-on newspapers in the area say. This was so predictable, and yet so profoundly idiotic, that I have to think it’s incredibly isolated. And yet, of course, if there is one of these out there, it’s going to make a provocative photo.

    Anyway, would be interesting to know just how prevalent this mindset is out there and how those expressing are being treated by the other mourners.

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