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Michigan gets new uniforms


Via These are a Charles Sollars concept of the new Michigan uniforms found on the Big 10 Network’s website. Michigan obviously must have lost a bet because these uniforms are absolutely terrible. They look like they are from a decade from now. Maybe the guys who make the Nike Pro Combat Uniforms will make these…
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Alabama’s Crimson White has a message for Awwwwburn


Via @6pintsofkramer The Alabama Crimson Tide have a message for the Auburn Tigers that went out today in the Crimson White. I’m kinda disappointed that there was no PAAAAWWWWLLLL at the end. Imma hang up and lissen. This, of course, is in preparation for tonight’s Iron Bowl basketball game. The Tide are heavily favored. Trolling…
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Wednesday State of The Union


Via Ole Miss recruit was treated like… Michael Jackson? [Friends of The Program] Death Valley to get even bigger? [College Football Section] The Tide saves the Daytona 500 y’all [Kegs 'N Eggs] Previewing the LSU offense [And The Valley Shook] The Gators just can’t beat Tennessee in basketball [Alligator Army] Joakim Noah’s girlfriend is… busty…
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Tommy Tuberville subject of $1.7 million dollar fraud lawsuit


Tommy Tuberville and his partner have been charged in a lawsuit that alleges that they defrauded investors out of 1.7 million dollars. On Friday afternoon, a complaint was filed in a Montgomery district court that claimed that Tuberville and John David Stroud “employed devices, schemes, and artifices” to commit fraud. Tuberville is the former coach…
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