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Kentucky fans decorate house with Anthony Davis poster


These Kentucky Wildcat fans in Lexington decided to hang a “Come at me brow” sign which is a take off of “Come at me bro” from the TV show Jersey Shore. Kentucky is obviously ready for the Louisville Cardinals in the Final Four.

Sign on the subway rips Laker’s fans


Via @SteakNStiffarms This sign has been put up on subways across California. The signs rips Laker’s fans for not being able to read. Signs like these have been made for all sports and teams.

Churchill Downs lights up the night with Louisville and Kentucky colors


Via @Kristin_Walls The Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals are about to match up in one of the most important games in this bitter rivalry. We’ve all heard the story about how a Cardinal fan and Wildcat fan got into a fight at a dialysis center. This scene was more about state pride as the twin […]

Texas has new practice uniforms and they look awesome


Via @JB_UTSN Texas has brought in some new practice jerseys and they look pretty sweet. They are sponsored by Nike which is a company that knows how to get creative with uniforms. No changes will be made to their game uniforms. Maybe one day the guys who make the Nike Pro Combat Uniforms will make […]

The Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson is a huge UK fan

The Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson is a huge UK fan

The Hunger Games is doing amazing at the box office and everyone is loving the movie. One of the stars of the movies, Josh Hutcherson, is a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan and even painted his face before a game. You can guess who he is rooting for in the Final Four.

Wednesday State of The Union


AJ McCarron has a dope ride parked outside of T-Town’s menswear [Friends of The Program] Peyton Siva has a sick alley oop [College Football Section] Oklahoma State has some sick bling [Kegs 'N Eggs] Has Ronald Powell been a bust for the Gators [Alligator Army] Kentucky has all of the pressure of the Final Four […]

Miami is looking for offensive lineman


Via EDSBS The Miami Hurricanes desperately need offensive lineman apparently that they are looking to the student body for them. Yes, this is totally real. You must be a Miami student and be over 6’1 and over 230 lbs. Personally, I would want my lineman a little bigger. You can pretty much assume Miami will […]