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How I’ve Grown To Like Calipari…And You Should Too

[Written by @gbdawkins - @ParadigmShift35] People hate Cal. Louisville people really hate Cal. Me? I like Cal. C’mon, keep reading. First of all he’s personable and funny. That’s good enough for you, right? No? Okay… there’s more.  I’m a fan because he takes high school all-stars and convinces them to be role players. Yes, Anthony […]

They are burning coaches in Lexington


Via @bperk118 Yep, they are already burning couches in Lexington, Kentucky to celebrate the win that will send them into the Final Four. The cops have been called and already dispersed the crowd. What a glorious way to celebrate.

A Kentucky fan decorates his house despite storm damage


Via @jdhowa2 A Kentucky fan’s house has a little tree damage as you can see. Well he took advantage of his new tree to troll Indiana and make fun of their downfall to Kentucky. The flag on the house really sells the picture too. This is just a normal guy taking advantage of a bad […]

Patric Young takes an alley oop from Erving Walker [VIDEO]

Patric Young takes an alley oop from Erving Walker [VIDEO]

That is Erving Walker throwing an alley oop to Florida’s own man beast Patric Young. This all took place during the Elite Eight when the Louisville Cardinals took on the Florida Gators. Old mentor Rick Pitino versus student Billy Donovan.

T-shirt in Starkville ripping on Oxford


Via @BradPee It’s no secret that Ole Miss and Miss State are better rivals. Well this shirt was found in Starkville, Mississippi. It says “Save The World: Except For Oxford”. The bulldogs just took a shot at Ole Miss. The Egg Bowl just got more interesting.

Udonis Haslem won a bet against Dwayne Wade last night

Udonis Haslem made a bet last night with Dwayne Wade. I bet Wade really regrets making this wager. Dwayne Wade made a bet that Marquette would beat the Florida Gators and Billy Donovan’s squad. As you know, Haslem played for Florida and Wade played for Marquette. Both now are teammates on the Miami Heat. Things […]