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Michigan recruit would like rival Ohio State fans to bring a gun over to his house


Logan Tuley-Tillman is a Michigan recruit who received death threats after burning a letter he received from Urban Meyer and Ohio State. He made it pretty clear that he planned on attending the University of Michigan and playing for Brady Hoke. Tuley-Tillman is an offensive tackle from Peoria, IL. These death threats from Ohio State…
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The Jacksonville Jaguars are practicing in a food court area


Does this look like a football practice field to you? Probably not. Ever since Tropical Storm Beryl came through the Jacksonville area, the Jaguars were forced to conduct practice in an area that resembles a food court. We can only hope Ron Prince (a Jaguar’s assistant coach) was behind this decision. There may be some…
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Marlins Pitcher faked identity but gets second chance


You might know him as Leo Nunez, a right-handed pitcher for the Miami Marlins. You might think he was 29 years old and from the Dominican Republic. Well actually, that last part is right. Leo Nunez is 29 and from the Dominican Republic, the pitcher on the other hand is 30 and is really called…
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BASEketball is listed as a NCAA secondary violation


NCAA secondary infractions are something pretty much every major school gets. For some schools, it is using illegal smoke machines and for others it is accidentally pocket dialing a recruit. Brad Barnes, who runs @TAMUCompliance, pointed out that the “BASEketball” is in the NCAA’s secondary infraction list. The term BASEketball was created by South Park…
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Wednesday State of The Union

Wednesday State of The Union

Now that Ron Artest has some free time. Introducing Metta Man! Attention Auburn. Cameron Clear has been dismissed for laptop theft. You know what to do. [College Football Section] Ole Miss has decided exactly what you will wear to every one of there games. No seriously. [Busted Coverage] There is an open position at Arkansas.…
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Craig James may not win the Congressional election


Craig James, the former ESPN broadcaster and SMU football player, does not look like he will win a spot in Congress after all. Craig James left ESPN to pursue his political aspirations. To say not many viewers liked Craig James would be quite an understatement. He was behind the ousting of Mike Leach from Texas…
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Iowa quarterback James Vandenberg stands over a dead Black Bear with a bow and arrow


James Vandenberg of the Iowa Hawkeyes is seen posing here with a deceased black bear. You can see James Vandenberg (who’s nickname seriously is “The Mandenberg”) holding a bow and arrow. When Mike Leach killed a bear, he used a gun. It appears that this guy took the old fashioned approach and used archery. This…
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There is only one official breathe sleeve left for Crimson Tide fans


Attention Alabama Crimson Tide fans. You can now buy a breathe sleeve for your MacBook or MacBook Pro. The Crimson “A” is displayed on the side of the breathe sleeve and it comes from the official Alabama Crimson Tide Fan Shop. There is only one problem. THERE IS ONLY ONE LEFT IN STOCK. Hurry now…
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Kevin Sumlin is already scouting out Florida Football


This picture was taken right on I-75 by one of the Gainesville exits. That semi truck also happens to be from Texas A&M University. We are just going to assume the worst here and think TAMU is doing recon on Gainesville’s football activities. Will Muschamp has already insulted TAMU’s College Station and Kevin Sumlin has…
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Michigan recruit burns letter from Ohio State


Logan Tuley-Tillman is a Michigan commit that is still being recruited by other schools including Ohio State. Tuley-Tillman received a letter from the Ohio State University which prompted him to post a tweet (@LoganTillman) with this picture in it. Open receiving the letter, Logan immediately burned the letter and added #GoBlue to it. Looks like…
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