Would you like to buy LSU’s team plane?

1x1.trans Would you like to buy LSUs team plane?

Do you have $1,250,000 extra dollars of disposable income in your account? If so, you could buy Les Miles’ and LSU’s plane. They happen to be upgrading to this plane. The older model is a LEARJET 35A-439 and comes with a cargo door, lifeport, tail locker, and has no damage history. I doubt we see this plane on the market for too long. Knowing Les Miles, we have no idea what exactly is inside that plane. For all we know, there is a live Tiger, a jacuzzi, and a full liquor bar in this Learjet. The LSU Tigers made it to the BCS Allstate National Championship game last year but ended up falling to the Alabama Crimson Tide 21-0. They are favored this year to make it to the championship game in some pre-season polls.