Vanderbilt’s field got “Anchor Down” added to it

1x1.trans Vanderbilts field got Anchor Down added to it

The Vanderbilt Commodores recently added in paint their phrase “Anchor Down” to the field. Vandy’s Head Coach James Franklin has been changing the culture there recently and is making some waves. They recently added Stormtrooper like uniforms and now they have added this phrase to the field. Franklin has preached that if you are smart enough to get a scholarship at Vanderbilt, you should be smart enough to take it. The school has traditionally been a bottom feeder in the SEC but Franklin may be able to change that. He’s already gotten some heat for checking into what other coach’s wives’ looked like although he was just joking around. We’ll see if he can continue to win at Vandy.

H/T @SEC_Logo

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