Curiosity landed on Mars tonight

1x1.trans Curiosity landed on Mars tonight

The Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints had the first NFL preseason game of the season tonight. I thought that may have been the peak of my evening. I was totally wrong. I watched Kevin Kolb get taken out of the game after a dismal performance. I saw Drew Brees and Chase Daniels put on a clinic against Arizona’s defense.

After the game, ParadigmShift35 headquarters had a little celebration with some champagne as we watched the Mars Curiosity rover land on Mars. This is a completely historic moment for mankind. A moment our generation will never forget. It takes 18 months to get to Mars and we landed something the size of an SUV on the surface of an alien planet. Let that sink in. I couldn’t respond to all the questions I was getting (I know, humble brag). Not to seem like a fan boy, but some awesome things happened on Twitter.

Excuse me. I’ll be popping more bottles of champagne.

GIF via @bfett81