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Matt Ryan dropped an F-Bomb on national television


Matt Ryan, formally of Boston College, was caught dropping an F-Bomb on national television. He has one hell of a game and it sounds like he is saying “GO F#%K YOURSELF.” Apparently Atlanta is not a bad sports town. Cam Newton’s body language will probably be criticized but it’s just another week. I’m pretty sure […]


Screen Shot 2012-09-30 at 12.01.27 PM

The Power I goal line formation from the Georgia – Tennessee game. It was beautiful. The weirdest touchdown trade off I’ve ever seen in College Football. [College Football Section] Nebraska hands Wisconsin a loss. Heartache abounds. [Crystal Ball Run] Busted Coverage always has the best College Gameday signs [Busted Coverage]

Exclusive footage of the party tonight

Screen Shot 2012-09-30 at 10.54.47 AM

Are you in Space Coast region? Are you human? Come out with us tonight. We’ll be hanging out in VIP areas (some we aren’t even allowed in). All the sports you could ask for will be on. Come watching FSU – USF tonight with some adult beverages. Plenty of bouncers with ear pieces will be […]

Clemson is barely hanging around with Boston College in the ACC

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Remember when we were all hyping up the Clemson Tigers and in turn the Florida State Seminoles? After this week, I think that may change. It’s been a day of upsets. Tennessee is up on Georgia? Tajh Boyd completed this pass to get back in the game with Boston College who is not ranked and […]



Tracy Morgan will be the comedian performing at Gator Growl. Will Muschamp probably has no idea who that is. Nebraska is changing their cleats against Wisconsin. That should help. [College Football Section] Texas A&M fan commits robbery showing their SEC pride [Busted Coverage] Dan Mullen can eat more wings than you [The Victory Formation] West […]

Jeff Driskel is recruiting guys with pony tails at UF’s coffee shop


Jeff Driskel is the Florida Gators quarterback who won the starting job over Jacoby Brissett. He has been putting up video game like numbers and has helped propelled the Gators to 4-0. Now he is cracking jokes on Twitter since Florida has a bye week. UF’s bar that is on campus called Orange and Brew […]



Anyone know who sponsored the NFL Pregame Kickoff Show? Anyone? Bueller? The top 5 games you’ll want to be watching this weekend. I can’t find Florida’s game on here. [College Football Section] Black Heart Gold Pants was nice enough to have me on a podcast where I did a terrible job [Black Heart Gold Pants] […]

Wisconsin fans produce a GANGNAM STYLE video that actually wasn’t horrible

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 5.37.13 PM

Wisconsin Badger fans produced a parody of the popular music video by PSJ called GANGNAM STYLE. This video is basically just like the Carly Rae Jepsen parody video craze. Everyone is making one. These videos are getting out of control. This Badger produced video was actually pretty decent. You can tell they had high quality […]

A Florida Gator alumnus urinated on the FSU exit sign


A Florida Gator fan and Alumnus happened to be passing through Tallahassee this weekend and decided to make a pit stop on the exit to FSU. He urinated on the sign as a UF prank on FSU. Hey, if Florida can’t beat FSU on the field, they can still pull stunts like this. This guy […]