Jared Lorenzen does not like Brent Pease

1x1.trans Jared Lorenzen does not like Brent Pease

Apparently Jared Lorenzen, the former Kentucky Wildcat Quarterback, has some serious beef with Brent Pease (the current offensive coordinator of the University of Florida). On Twitter, @JaredLorenzen22 has been trashing Pease at every oppurtunity. Here are some quotes from his Twitter feed via John Clay’s blog:

From @JaredLorenzen22:

  • Seriously Brent Pease at Florida? He’s freaking crazy and was brutal at UK when I was there. Won’t be able to handle it andwill be run out!
  • The good thing about Pease at UF is now we can shut them down. #nohalftimeadjs
  • @vaughtsviews @ajr0031 just can’t believe it. They will see him crack early an often. Sooo mny stories about that person

Jared Lorenzen did play in the NFL and was known for being “Husky” to put it mildly. I guess #KentuckyHateWeek has started? Don’t they only care about baskey hoops? They did lose to Western Kentucky.

HT John Clay and Alligator Army

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