Bo Pelini has apparently reached out to Tennessee to be their head coach

1x1.trans Bo Pelini has apparently reached out to Tennessee to be their head coach

According to Clay Travis, Volquest has confirmed that Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini has reached out to Athletic Director Dave Hart to be the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteer football program.

Pelini came from LSU as a defensive coordinator who was known for shutting opposing SEC offenses down. This could actually be a really good hire for the Vols if they decide to go this route. They’ve already reached out to Charlie Strong, Larry Fedora, and Tommy Bowden. Now, a head coach from a Big 10 football team is reaching out to them.

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  3. I don’t get it……..Nebraska gives the guy his first shot at the big time….Osborne has been loyal to a fault and supported him at all times and he runs off trying to get another job. He was just quoted saying “the Capitol One bowl has all of his attention”.He should be recruiting and getting ready for a bowl game instead of looking for his next “opportunity”.

    I’ve learned Bo is very good at blaming everyone & everything for his lack of ability.

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  6. BS, BS, and did I mention BS! Tennessee has their Coach, and it is not, and was never going to be Bo. You took this on the authority of a Blogger? Exactly how did he “confirm it”?
    You run rumors like this and don’t even tell you readers how the story was supposedly confirmed.
    This is why sites like this should always be taken with a HUGE grain of salt.

  7. If Pelini is smart, he will get the hell out of Nebraska as soon as possible. Those people have no idea that when the Huskers were rolling, its conference (Big 8) was a joke. 1 tough game a
    year. Now, expectations are sadly unrealistic

  8. Jr– If in fact Pelini asked for the Tenn job, and now since Tenn has picked their coach, How can Nebraska keep him on. His loyalty is questionable and it may affect recruiting.

  9. Let’s see, when NU was rolling it Beat Miami in the 94 Orange Bowl , Florida in the 95 Fiesta Bowl as a Big 8 school , in 97 as a Big 12 team it beat Tennesse in the Orange Bowl. Weren’t any of those 3 teams any good Kevin ? But , I do agree that Bo should go. I certainly wouldn’t shed a tear. So , you are good at bashing teams , be a man , whose your team ?

  10. Don’t forget the 1971 Nebraska national champion not only beat Alabama in the Orange Bowl but also beat Oklahoma and Colorado in the regular season. The significance? Those two finished two and three in the final post season polls. And that was a repeat national championship.