SEC quarterbacks apparently get all the chicks [PHOTOS]

Between AJ McCarron, Johnny Manziel, and Jeff Driskel, the SEC quarterbacks are absolutely dating some pretty stunning girls. Jeff Driskel happens to be dating head Florida Gator cheerleader Tarin Moses and she was nice enough to do an interview for the site. Johnny Manziel had plenty of pictures of him on Halloween with plenty of co-eds and then we found out he was dating Sarah Savage. According to Fox Sports, AJ McCarron is dating Miss Alabama who happens to be a an Auburn graduate. Oh, the scandal!

According to her Twitter account, former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb and McCarron are now an item and have become a popular topic of conversation around the state of Alabama. Since sending out of picture of the two together, Webb, who also plans to sit with McCarron’s family during the national title game, has received some pushback for the relationship through her account.

The main reason? She’s an Auburn grad.

Of course, Johnny Manziel got to take a picture with Megan Fox as well. Not only did he get to talk to Megan Fox, he got to pictures with these girls. I should have been an SEC quarterback.

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