Notre Dame and Alabama players engaged in a Gangnam Style dance off during a Miami Heat game

The Alabama Crimson Tide and Notre Dame Fighting Irish players are already in Miami, Florida for the BCS National Championship. Some of the players made their way over to the Miami Heat game where they were then asked to go to the DJ booth. Alabama wide receiver Christion Jones and Notre Dame nose guard Louis Nix had a “Gangnam Style” (by PSY) rap/dance off. Both players tried their best to impress the crowd but the crowd seemed to favor Nix

Here is an excerpt of their quotes from Dr. Saturday:

And despite several Alabama players saying they thought the only competition between the two teams before the actual game was a tie, Nix said he was the clear winner. “It was random,” Nix said. “They didn’t tell us what we were doing, threw us into the fire. I was kind of shocked at what he made us do, but me, I just picked it up, started doing it and just started going to work. “I don’t think I did a very good job, but I did a good enough job that I won the competition.” And to any thought that the contest might have been a tie: “I don’t tie,” Nix said. “I definitely won. The crowd said I won. He did a good job, but I think I won.”

Apparently the teams are getting along before the game. I would bet that on Monday night, things change as the first player is tackled.