Michigan State’s mascot got painted Michigan’s colors last night

1x1.trans Michigan States mascot got painted Michigans colors last night

The Michigan State Spartan mascot got painted maize and blue over the night which happen to be Michigan’s colors. The mascot also had a giant M painted in it. This act of rivalry is pretty much vandalism but it happens all the time. Michigan State’s spring game happens to be today and I’m sure the act was planned accordingly. Expect the Sparty mascot to get cleaned up shortly.

2 thoughts on “Michigan State’s mascot got painted Michigan’s colors last night

  1. is that all that michigan do to their lil brother? a quick spray painted m a blue helmet and cant-make-up-your-mind blue/yellow shinguards then run? pitiful. but at least it is consistent with everything u of michigan does.

  2. If there isn’t enough sicko’s in the world already, now this. This is anti-roman behavior at its worst. I hope the video of this leads to the arrest of these thugs. Their should be overspray evidence.