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You can now buy “Roll Pride” and “War Equal” shirts


It looks as if an Alabama company is making some t-shirts based on Alabama’s and Auburn’s football slogans that promote same sex equality. They’ve changed “Roll Tide” to “Roll Pride” and “War Eagle” to “War Equal.” Pretty cool way to get the message across in my opinion. I’m sure some people will love this and […]

Is Alabama hosting a “black out” game in 2013?


Is Alabama hosting a “black out” game for the 2013? According to a tweet from Hunter L Johnson and a post on the official Alabama store, it appears so. A “black out” is when the entire stadium wears black. This shirt is for sale online. According to the store: The Crimson Tide are built for […]

Texas fans put up a banner supporting Alabama over Texas A&M in Birmingham


Despite the fact that the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Texas Longhorns in a national championship game, Texas fans are offering support in the form of banners that say “Hook ‘em Bama.” Texas and Texas A&M are rivals that used to be in the same conference. Now, TAMU is in the SEC while Texas remains […]

Denny Chimes with an amazing cloud landscape


Would you like to see an amazing image over the campus of he University of Alabama? Yeah, me too. It’s obvious that anyone in charge of this blog (aka me), likes to publish things that I think are cool. People will disagree but that’s just part of the times and I’m not that smart. I […]

Alabama fans make another shirt making fun of rival teams


Alabama fans have done it again in the realm of t-shirt creation. This isn’t the first of these kind of shirts but it has been updated to include a fake dead Manti Te’o joke. Expect this trend to continue for future Alabama college football endeavors. My guess is Johnny Manziel may be next. The shirt […]

Harvey Updyke pleads guilty in the Toomer’s Corner poisoning


The alleged tree poisoner of Auburn University’s Toomer’s Corner has pleaded guilty to crimes against agriculture according to Saturday Down South. Updyke went on the Paul Finebaum show and confessed to poisoning Toomer’s Oaks a good while ago. He has gone through several lawyers and it seems he has now plead guilty and will serve […]

Alabama fan gets amazing Nick Saban tattoo


In a string of Alabama events that make you not believe the event before it, has finally been out done. An Alabama Crimson Tide and Nick Saban that tattoo that takes up an entire back and looks like this? JACKPOT! The tattoo says: Sons of Saban Alabama Of course the picture wouldn’t be complete without […]