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There is a mechanical Gator that you can ride on at the Florida Georgia game

Florida Gator Mechanical

  At the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party, one Florida Gator fan brought his set up where you can ride a giant mechanical Gator. That is one hell of a tailgate. It looks like one of those mechanical bulls you can ride in southern bars but portable. All is fair in Jacksonville, Florida today where…
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The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is proceeding as scheduled [PHOTO]

Passed Out Drunk Fan

  It’s the Florida Georgia game in Jacksonville today so you know what that means. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party! Things look like they are proceeding as scheduled with this drunk Florida fan passed out outside Everbank Field in Jacksonville. Hopefully he’ll sober up before the game starts. Learn to pace yourselves Gator fans.…
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Southern California is really excited for the second half for no reason whatsoever [GIF]


  For absolutely no reason whatsoever this is the Southern California Trojans dancing under Da Coach O. It makes no sense but nothing Ed says makes sense. Just get happy, dance, and feel good about being you you LA SOB. We need more dancing in life. Oregon State scored 14 points on USC in a…
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Texas A&M is honoring our nation’s military by wearing these patriotic helmets [PHOTOS]

Texas Military

  Texas A&M is wearing these helmets against UTEP to show their patriotic nature. They already have male Aggie cheerleaders. I can’t wait to see Johnny Manziel in one of these bad boys. It’s military appreciation day! How would you celebrate? Is this awesome or do you like Joseph Stalin? Here it is! In honor…
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Lil’ Halloween Kliff Kingsbury met real life Kliff Kingsbury and worlds collided

Kliff Kingsbury Halloween Kid

  You remember the little awesome kid that dressed up as Kliff Kingsbury for Halloween? We actually got to meet and take a picture with the real Kliff Kingsbury. This little kid is a God. His parents are awesome for setting this up. If I were this kid, I would take this picture and frame…
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Will Muschamp told the Gator Hotline that you probably shouldn’t follow the fake Will Muschamp on Twitter [VIDEO]

Will Muschamp Fake Twitter

  I decided to take the initiative to ask Will Muschamp if he would read the tweets of @Will_Muschamp (the fake Twitter account of him) after the Florida Gator – Georgia Bulldog game. I called in as Matt from Massachusetts (which is true) and I explained to the call screener that I wanted to ask…
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Tom Brady, Boston Bruins, David Ortiz

    If you ever wanted to see Tom Brady pitch to David Ortiz with a Boston Bruin as catcher, you got your wish. Carl Pelini is on that SOUR [College Football Section] PFTCommenter sat down with Pro Football Talk and it was amazing. [Kissing Suzy Kolber] Oh God. This mascot is terrifying. [Rumors and…
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The college football themed Halloween costumes from last night include AJ McCarron, Gary Pinkel, and Kevin Sumlin

Gary Pinkel Halloween

If you are a good parent, you dressed your kids up like college football icons last night. Thank God you took pictures and put them on the internet because these are amazing. We have AJ McCarron with Katherine Webb (complete with chest tattoo), little Gary Pinkel, and little Kevin Sumlin. Halloween is over but we…
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