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Serge Ibaka Halloween

  Serge Ibaka is better than you at Halloweening Thank you South Carolina for doing your civic duty [College Football Section] BERT and Malzahn be fighting y’all [Lost Lettermen] Penn State is paying 60 million dollars to the victims of Jerry Sandusky. Good! [Uproxx] Ameer Abdullah will just leap right over you DOT GIF [GIFSection] […]

The best kid Halloween costume ever: Young Kliff Kingsbury [PHOTO]

Kliff Kingsbury

We already have a front runner for the best Halloween costume this year. It’s young Kliff Kingsbury! If you have a kid with black hair that looks like Ryan Gosling, then you can dress up your kid as bro Kliff Kingsbury. What you’ll need: Stud sunglasses Underarmour shirt with Texas Tech logo Makeup for a […]



One of the reasons we love College Football Section is because they catch moments when Johnny Manziel will sign a girls chestal region. Yes, that is a word. SEC Power Poll Week 9 and chaos abounds [Team Speed Kills] The Boston Red Sox lost on this (BS) call [The Big Lead] Katherine Webb can’t stop […]

Some Ohio State Buckeye fanatics named their daughter “Scarlet Gray”

Scarlet Gray

  In case you are wondering if it’s legal to name your child after your favorite sports team. It is. An Ohio Buckeyes couple decided on naming their daughter “Scarlet Gray” which happen to be the colors for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team. Urban Meyer would be proud as would the Buckeye state. HT […]

AJ McCarron is taunting AJ Johnson because Alabama hates Tennessee [VIDEO]

AJ McCarron Johnson

AJ McCarron and a Tennessee Volunteer defender not getting along? This seems so unlikely! Well, not really AJ McCarron and AJ Johnson of the Tennessee Volunteers may want to live in a world where men get along with men in a respectable way. To be honest, it looks like McCarron instigated this fight. Usually the […]

Ameer Abdullah hurdled the Minnesota Gopher defense with amazement [GIF]


  This pains me to post this because I am the son of a Minnesota Gopher alumnus. I will be disoowned for this but it’s such a good hurdle that it has to be posted. Ameer Abdullah just spin moved/jumped all over the Gophers. It’s seizure awareness month, so respect to Jerry Kill and everyone […]

USF’s President Judy Genshaft has the best purse in all of football [PHOTO]

USF Judy Genshaft Purse

  USF’s President Judy Genshaft purse game is strong. This is definitely the best purse in all of college football. This has to be custom made. If there is some customizable purse store for your team, now you know what to get your significant over for Christmas. The USF logo is printed on what looks […]

Tennessee’s rock is giving Alabama the middle finger today [PHOTO]


Alabama recently messed with Tennessee’s infamous rock that students use to pass messages along to each other. It’s a new millennium folks. Tennessee is keeping up with technology. The Tennessee Volunteers are not backing down from the Alabama Crimson Tide troll game. The Tennessee Vols take on Alabama today. Both teams really know how to […]


David Ortiz

I love it when you call me Big Pappi! [FOX] Yeah, this page will be filled with all your sports links when it’s up and running tomorrow. Don’t ¬†ask questions. Enjoy the internet. Love it. Embrace it. [College Football Section] The American Mustache Association may be being really big jerks to the Boston Red Sox. […]