College Football


The Auburn Tigers have already won the National Championship [PHOTO]


  Sorry Florida State, it looks like the Auburn Tigers have won the 2013 season national championship. You can’t do anything about it. They have t-shirts proving it so you can just go back to Tallahassee #FSUTwitter. Where can I buy this T-shirt? Let’s make some waves. Tell me internet. HT @gbdawkins

The Belk Bowl is yelling “BULLSH*T” over and over again [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 4.51.51 PM

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes life isn’t easy. Sometimes you are just plain wrong. Well, Cincinnati Bearcat fans, you’re wrong. You decided to scream BS in the Belk Bowl because your defensive lineman grabbed a face mask. Guess what? That’s a penalty. You can Google that. Thank you for yelling curse words though!

A Virginia Tech graduate and got Aaron Paul to call Mike London a bitch [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 2.36.08 PM

First of all, thanks to for this video and most importantly Mehul Sanghani (who is a Virginia Tech grad) for paying a very large amount of money to a great charity. This got Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad to call Virginia’s coach (their rival) a bitch on camera. This is Aaron Paul’s (Jess Pinkman’s) catch…
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TJ Jones had a touchdown for Notre Dame but instead tackled himself [GIF]

TJ Jones

TJ Jones of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish almost had a touchdown against Rutgers except he decided to get tackled by… air. He probably just slipped on the turf unless supernatural forces were at work. Still, it’s hilarious. Also, Lou Holtz will blame this on something other than Notre Dame because Lou Holtz is the…
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