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Alabama fans and Oklahoma fans fight in the stands [VIDEO]


Want to see madness in football fandom form? This is what it is. It’s a female fan yelling at an Oklahoma Sooner’s fan and then getting in a fight. She made the superman pose and dove on him. Never mess with the Alabama Crimson Tide (on or off the field y’all). HT @LandThieves

The Auburn Tigers have already won the National Championship [PHOTO]


  Sorry Florida State, it looks like the Auburn Tigers have won the 2013 season national championship. You can’t do anything about it. They have t-shirts proving it so you can just go back to Tallahassee #FSUTwitter. Where can I buy this T-shirt? Let’s make some waves. Tell me internet. HT @gbdawkins

Georgia Football would like to wish you a Merry Christmas

Georgia Football Happy Holidays

  Did I say Merry Christmas? I meant Happy Holidays! That’s kind of the same thing right? Probably not but oh well. The Dawgs would like to with you a Happy Holidays. Look at Athens covered in snow and that Holiday spirit. Personally  I would like to say “Thanks Georgia, I hope you lose to […]

Nelly is on the sidelines for the SEC Championship Game [PHOTO]


  Nelly, the rap singer, is a big fan of the Missouri Tigers. He is on the Mizzou sidelines while they take on the Auburn Tigers. It’s a battle in the trenches right now but Nelly is there to cheer on his team. He is actually mad at major networks for not supporting Mizzou more. […]

AJ McCarron is really unhappy with the Cracker Barrel in Tuscaloosa

AJ McCarron Cracker Barrel

  The week before one of the biggest Iron Bowls ever, AJ McCarron is unhappy with… Cracker Barrel. The Alabama Crimson Tide quarter back AJ McCarron tweeted: The @CrackerBarrel on exit 76 in Tuscaloosa management is really bad and I feel sorry for the company with such a good rep. Lost my respect! I guess […]

Georgia Southern players celebrate their win over the Florida Gators [GIF]

Georgia Southern Celebration Celebrates

  Georgia Southern was able to upset the Florida Gators 26 to 20 and their players are acting accordingly. They are dancing and finger point into the camera. Georgia Southern fans are coming absolutely crazy in The Swamp. Will Muschamp is under some tremendous heat. I wonder if we will see him next season at […]

Skyler Mornhinweg was hit in the face really really hard [GIF]

Skyler Mornhinweg

  Skyler Mornhinweg was just hit really hard in the face while probably trying to see one of the most memorable moments in his life. The Georgia Southern player nailed him in the head and it looked intentional. Skyler ended up being okay and was able to celebrate with celebration. Game isn’t over yet fellas. […]