Chris Rainey was featured on the cover of Time Magazine


Chris Rainey is known for the phrase “Time To Die” after sending a text to a woman with that in it. He was subsequently suspended from the league and faced charges after sending the text. As a joke throughout the year, a Twitter campaign was started with #TimeToDeisman for a Chris Rainey for Heisman as […]

UNLV creates the worst commercial possible to promote their program

UNLV doesn’t care what you believe about them. They just wanted to create a commercial to let you know that they believe in themselves. That’s what I do when I want to let people know I don’t care about them. I create an entire commercial dedicated to the fact that I don’t care what they […]

A quick word on the Jerry Sandusky trial


Jerry Sandusky was just convicted to 45 of 48 crimes tonight. The former Penn State Nittany Lion is going to be dealing with legal issues and jail for a long time and we here have no problem with that. This is an extremely touchy topic. From the evidence we’ve heard, it sounds like Jerry Sandusky […]

The Big 12 Conference is selling Missouri Tiger coach polos on clearance


The Missouri Tigers are giving you the opportunity to purchase your 2012 coaches sideline performance polo. Technically it is the Big 12 Conference store that is selling it since there is a short period of time before the SEC officially assimilates Missouri into the conference. This means you can wear the same shirt that Gary […]

Maryland decided to turn their field into a parking lot


The Testudo Times was able to obtain these photos of Maryland’s field turf which, for some reason, is being grayed out in a swatch like pattern. Randy Edsall, the Maryland head coach, seems like the type of guy who would like this. He lets his team captains pick out their uniform colors before games which […]

LeBron James accepts his first NBA Championship [VIDEO]

LeBron James of the Miami Heat accepts his NBA Championship Trophy and said “It’s about damn time. It’s about damn time.” Stuart Scott of ESPN interviewed LeBron and he regretted being “selfish”. LeBron James went on to say that he was happy to put his team in this position to win this championship. LeBron James, […]

James Harden gets phantom fouled by LeBron James [VIDEO]

It’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals and the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder are battling to be world champions. James Harden decided to pull out all of the stops while matched up against LeBron James and pretended (or made it look much worse) to take an elbow to the face. The phantom fouls […]