Notre Dame Linebacker is going to be in some serious trouble

Remember when Tommy Rees, the Notre Dame quarterback, thought it would be a good idea to knee a cop in the stomach? Well that got him pepper sprayed and arrested. Rees originally faced a felony for this alleged act but prosecutors reduced it to a misdemeanor for resisting arrest and battery. Just when we thought […]

Wednesday State of The Union


Via @FOTProgram Clemson’s head coach thinks that the ACC will win a BCS National Championship soon. LOL. [College Football Section] The SEC helmet schedule is out. Finally!  [The Sports Dumpster] Will Smith randomly shows up to present Roger Federer with a Men In Black III suit [Busted Coverage] John L. Smith is now on Twitter. […]

NBL bringing back All Star games

The Chair of Basketball Australia, Kristina Keneally, has announced that the famous All Star game is to be brought back. While no venue has yet been decided upon, the National Basketball League has plans to reinstate the All Star game that was popular among many fans of the NBL. The game, which features the best […]

Dwayne Wade laid out a Pacers player

Dwayne Wade laid out a Pacers player

There was some physical contact in a playoff game between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. By physical contact, I mean that Dwayne Wade laid out Collison before he could catch a pass that was intended for him. It wasn’t exactly the most sportsmanlike play by Wade but then again, this is the playoffs.

Charles Barkley shows us how to use a shake weight [VIDEO]

Charles Barkley shows us how to use a shake weight [VIDEO]

Charles Barkley was bragging about being in shape on national television when Shaquille O’Neal pulled out a Shake Weight for Charles to see if he could use it. Of course, Charles Barkley isn’t the kind of guy to back down from something like this and performed how he thought you should use it.

Florida Gator defensive lineman had his 5th run in with the law

Via @MrLrgJack_44 Leon Orr is a defensive lineman for the Florida Gator football team and he can be seen on the left peeing on that FSU truck. The most newsworthy thing that he has done, other than this photo, was getting four misdemeanor charges in a 15 month span. Leon Orr was recently cited for […]

Confused umpires forgot to go back on the field after a rain delay

The umpires forgot to go back on the field after a rain delay

There was a rain delay during the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres game due to some heavy rain in the area. The home plate umpire was prepared to call the game back from the delay when, after a decent pause, noticed that none of the other umpires were on the field. He quickly […]

Lacrosse brawl in Canada? Lacrosse brawl in Canada.

Lacrosse brawl in Canada? Lacrosse brawl in Canada.

Via Deadspin Two Intermediate A teams of the Great White North were caught on camera in a not so pleasant meeting. The Coquitlam Adanacs and Nanaimo Timbermen went into full brawl mode on each other. According to Deadspin, these guys are around 16 to 18 years old. The brawl starts off relatively small and than […]

The Simpsons dropped two Florida Gator references last night

@ParadigmShift35 here it is again — Michael Flannery (@NotMikeFlannery) May 14, 2012 Via @MikeEfff The Simpsons dropped two Florida Gators references last night and we are here to give you the video in case you forgot to DVR the show. Of course, yFrog won’t let you embed the video so you’ll have to bear […]