According to MSNBC, Auburn is in Georgia


Via Kegs ‘N Eggs According to MSNBC, Auburn University is in the state of Georgia. Expect Auburn fans to get outraged. Auburn is in fact located in Alabama but is not too far way from Atlanta. Come on MSNBC, study your geophraphy.

Wednesday State of The Union

Tim Tebow back in his college days at a pool party at The Estates. I saw this picture taken while in college and now it’s all over the Internet. There was a brawl at the Ohio State – Michigan game [Busted Covererage] Lehigh actually beat Duke in the NCAA Tournament [College Football Section] Tebow should…
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Aaron Murray is not ashamed


There is a picture of Georgia Bulldog Sophomore quarterback Aaron Murray making the internet rounds, that features him and a young lady on Spring Break, I’ll let you guys take it from there. I mean come on, it’s Spring Break! Murray isn’t exactly the guy that hides from cameras, so it shouldn’t come as a…
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