This van is really decked out in Florida Gator gear…


Via @JasonKirkSBN This is the most Florida Gators van ever. Gator stickers on the side and a Gator helmet on the hood. This was spotted in Atlanta by Jason Kirk. Gator Alumni can only hope there is a hot tub in the back or something to save the terribleness of this van. Please God.

Wednesday State of The Union


Mo Isom didn’t make the LSU football team [Friends of the Program] Coach punishes players with porridge [Kegs 'N Eggs] Sidney done at Mississippi State [College Football Section] Tim Tebow linked to Tebowing? [Deadspin] Florida beats Florida State 9-2 [Alligator Army]

The Pouncey twins are having a party and you are invited


Via EDSBS Well the Pouncey twins seems to be having a good time in the off season. They are holding a party between “Henn and Ciroc” which is clearly a promotional tool. Mike Pouncey plays for the Miami Dolphins and Maurkice Pouncey plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Iowa actually made a hype video for the NIT Tournament

Yes, Iowa actually made a hype video for their Hawkeyes playing in the prestigious NIT Tournament. This tournament is also known as the tournament you go to when you can’t get into the NCAA tournament. Iowa is a 7 seed and they take on 2 seed Dayton tonight at 7:30 PM Eastern time. Maybe this […]

The UNC Women’s Lacrosse Team recorded a music video


The UNC women’s Lacross team filmed a music video over spring break and of course it was inspired by Justin Bieber. The music video was set to the song “Call Me Maybe” which was recorded by Carly Rae Jepsen. This is what happens when you are bored in Chapel Hill. Via Lacross Playground