This Ole Miss Rebel girl just wants to get drunk and nothing else. Just to get drunk [VIDEO]

1x1.trans This Ole Miss Rebel girl just wants to get drunk and nothing else. Just to get drunk [VIDEO]

We love honest people who have conviction. This Ole Miss girl at The Grove just wants to get drunk. Vodka and waters. Ole Miss never loses a party Hotty Toddy. Whatever, she’s drunk. Deal with it. She is just a southern girl enjoying The Grove atmosphere about to get a misdemeanor but don’t let me get ahead of myself. Chug that beer sister! Admiral Ackbar for Ole Miss!

Learn your football drunk sorority girl!

UNC unveils completely all black uniforms [PHOTOS]


  The North Carolina Tarheels have unveiled a completely all black uniform and their students and players love them. Check out the YouTube video. It’s scarily awesome. I’m all about all black but this just looks crazy. I can’t wait to see this on national television. I would love to see the Tarheels take the…
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A car divided with a split Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tiger paint job [PHOTO]

Crimson Tide LSU Tiger Car

  The owner of this car must truly have a house divided for the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers. Half of the Jetta is covered in houndstooth and a giant raging elephant representing Alabama. The other half is all Auburn Tiger with a roaring Tiger. Let’s take a second to appreciate the giant…
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Top 10 Greatest Football Plays of All Time


Written by Abigall Clark Have you ever watched a football game with some friends and seen an amazing play that you’ve had to watch over and over again? Have you seen a trick play happen during a game that made your jaw drop? Here’s some great football plays that you can watch over and over…
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The best Florida Gator groom’s cake ever created [PHOTO]


  We’ve seen some amazing Florida Gator groom cakes. This one takes that cake! /Shows self out. I’m against fall weddings because I love football and America but this is an exception. A full on Gator cake for all the grooms to split. Nothing says Go Gators better than this. Glad the bride let him…
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The CJK5H t-shirt exists and it is beautiful [PHOTO]


If you don’t know what “CJK5H” means, than you probably don’t follow college football close enough. It stands for Craig James killed five h-(ladies of the night?). It’s a joke about former SMU player Craig James who alleged took money at SMU and also has a son named Adam James that got Mike Leach into…
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An interview with the gentlemen who took the Tennessee Vol “Craigslist Girl” to the Florida game [AUDIO]

UT Craigslist Girl

  We had an amazing interview with Joe, aka the guy who took the girl from Craigslist and showed her around The Swamp, on (I guess you could call it a date?) meeting at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Joe was awesome enough to give us an exclusive interview on the events that transpired. Give it…
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Texas fans are already making Nick Saban to Texas 2014 t-shirts [PHOTO]

Nick Saban Texas 2014

  Well, Alabama Crimson Tide fans. It’s time for you to get angry and laugh at Texas Longhorn fans. Since Mack Brown is on the hot seat, people actually think Nick Saban will go to Texas. Of course, Saban is infamous in lying to the media and saying that he would not take the coaching…
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Looks like not every Gator fan showed up to The Swamp for the game yet [PHOTO]

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

  This picture was taken at 3:29 PM for a 3:30 kick off between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Florida Gators. The marching band is on the field and it looks like some of the students are still tailgating it seems. Nate Peterman is set to set and expect to see him run more than…
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