An Auburn fan with the best college football license plate ever created [PHOTO]

1x1.trans An Auburn fan with the best college football license plate ever created [PHOTO]


Thank you random Auburn fan (and/or Auburn Tiger alumnus) for getting this license plate. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but it sums up last season for the Tigers pretty well. They never beat an SEC team all season (that’s bad). Now Auburn has Gus Malzahn so that is changing. The license plate just readings “[Auburn Sign] MEH.” It’s just absolutely beautiful. This is either an Alabama Crimson Tide fan trolling Auburn or just a fan that is very “MEH” about Auburn football.



De’Anthony Thomas would like to remind you that he loves Asians and their food via Twitter

De'Anthony Thomas Twitter

  Oregon running back De’Anthony Thomas took to Twitter today to clear up some things about the Asian race and Asian food. He loves both of them. Apparently, a lot. Asian food is great but it seems that Thomas really really likes it. He wants it shouted out to the entire internet. Good to know…
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Will Ferrell talks about the firing of Lane Kiffin and impersonates Ed Orgeron [VIDEO]

Lane Kiffin Ed Orgeron

On the Dan Patrick show, Will Ferrell came on and did a nice impersonation of Ed Orgeron after Lane Kiffin’s firing. Thank God the most popular Southern California fan has a sense of humor about the inability of Ed’s ability to speak. At least Orgeron made it in Sandra Bullocks’ “The Blind Side.” Ferrell talks…
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This Ole Miss Rebel girl just wants to get drunk and nothing else. Just to get drunk [VIDEO]


We love honest people who have conviction. This Ole Miss girl at The Grove just wants to get drunk. Vodka and waters. Ole Miss never loses a party Hotty Toddy. Whatever, she’s drunk. Deal with it. She is just a southern girl enjoying The Grove atmosphere about to get a misdemeanor but don’t let me…
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UNC unveils completely all black uniforms [PHOTOS]


  The North Carolina Tarheels have unveiled a completely all black uniform and their students and players love them. Check out the YouTube video. It’s scarily awesome. I’m all about all black but this just looks crazy. I can’t wait to see this on national television. I would love to see the Tarheels take the…
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A car divided with a split Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tiger paint job [PHOTO]

Crimson Tide LSU Tiger Car

  The owner of this car must truly have a house divided for the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers. Half of the Jetta is covered in houndstooth and a giant raging elephant representing Alabama. The other half is all Auburn Tiger with a roaring Tiger. Let’s take a second to appreciate the giant…
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Top 10 Greatest Football Plays of All Time


Written by Abigall Clark Have you ever watched a football game with some friends and seen an amazing play that you’ve had to watch over and over again? Have you seen a trick play happen during a game that made your jaw drop? Here’s some great football plays that you can watch over and over…
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The best Florida Gator groom’s cake ever created [PHOTO]


  We’ve seen some amazing Florida Gator groom cakes. This one takes that cake! /Shows self out. I’m against fall weddings because I love football and America but this is an exception. A full on Gator cake for all the grooms to split. Nothing says Go Gators better than this. Glad the bride let him…
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