Daz’mond Patterson will run you over and not apologize [GIF]

Dazmond Patterson

  First of all, how cool is the name Daz’mond Patterson? How cool is it that he is running defenders over and than yelling at them. That’s cool in my book. This MACTION team is taking the Beef O’ Brady’s bowl seriously and are taking some names. ECU is currently leading but for how long?

Demeco Ryans went to Roll Tide college

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 8.54.48 PM

Demeco Ryans cares not for your English language. Where did he go to college? He went to Roll Tide! That probably means Alabama in any other language. It’s funny to me but I’m dumb.

Matthew Stafford got jacked up in the face by Matt Elam [GIF]

Matthew Stafford

  Hello Matthew Stafford, we all know you are used to getting jacked up by Florida Gators. This is no different. Matt Elam would like to rip your face off! How do you feel about that? Oh well you got the penalty. I hope your face is still attached. This is a dirty dirty game […]

Watch the Miami Dolphins Special Teams play WALRUSBALL [GIF]

Walrus Ball

  If you like watching pro football players run around confused, then this play is for you. The New England Patriots punted to the New England Special Teams unit and it created this GIF. Just guys struggling to get the ball anywhere than inside the end zone. They did end up pinning the Patriots back […]