Aaron Murray


Aaron Murray is spending time with “Extra Special People” after the loss to Auburn and is awesome for doing so

Aaron Murray

  You know how most quarterbacks pout after a loss and sulk the day after? Aaron Murray is out there spending time with Extra Special People which is an organization for people with developmental conditions. You can follow them here. Their Twitter profile reads. Extra Special People, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a passion…
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Mark Richt got tackled on the sidelines and was limping [VIDEO]

Mark Richt Tackled

Mark Richt was on the sideline coaching his team and then BAM some Georgia and Auburn players ran into him knocking him over. It wasn’t too bad of a hit but funny none-the-less. It’s only funny because he wasn’t seriously injured. He got up and was limping slightly. Mark Richt is not having a good…
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Aaron Murray is hanging out with Jeff Gordon


Apparently Aaron Murray, the Georgia Bulldog starting quarterback, is hanging out with NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon. The picture is pretty blurry. Just two bros hanging out. This is Murray’s senior season. Expect to see him playing on Sundays next year. Pretty awesome meeting Jeff Gordon today. Thanks for stopping by Athens pic.twitter.com/RnGl2mfsSb — Aaron Murray (@aaronmurray11)…
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Aaron Murray to return to Georgia for senior season


Aaron Murray announced via Twitter that he will be returning to the Georgia Bulldogs for his senior season. The quarterback led his team to the SEC Championship Game after winning the SEC East and beating rival Florida. Georgia will probably be favored to win the SEC East next year after this announcement. Blessed to be…
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Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 6.59.09 PM

EA Sports has simulated the SEC Championship Game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs complete with every details. [I Bleed Crimson Red] Charlie Strong says that Charlie Strong won’t coach Auburn. I’m sure Charlie Strong knows Charlie Strong pretty well. [College Football Section] Get ready for the Ohio State Buckeye hive mind…
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Aaron Murray completed a Hail Mary pass to end the first half against Ole Miss [VIDEO]


Aaron Murray, quarterback of the Georgia Bulldogs, has not been doing very well against the Ole Miss Rebels for a battle that could win them the SEC East if they also beat Auburn. Things were not going their way until Murray scrambled to the right of the field on 3rd and 25 and completed a…
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The only Florida – Georgia preview (World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party) you’ll ever need


Throw The Flag is a mediocre blog that deals with jokes and memes and every once in awhile serious issues. Today! We rely on memes and over terrible things that only the blue collar man can relate to. I kind of like that. Would you rather read an amazing article with statistics or just hear…
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South Carolina plays “Sandstorm” before playing Georgia

Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 10.05.05 PM

If you are an SEC fan, you know that South Carolina really really likes the song Darude – Sandstorm. Yes, it’s a great song but man. I can only listen to songs 30 times a game. South Carolina totally destroyed Georgia in Columbia this weekend so you can’t complain but I would like to hear…
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