AJ McCarron


AJ McCarron is really unhappy with the Cracker Barrel in Tuscaloosa

AJ McCarron Cracker Barrel

  The week before one of the biggest Iron Bowls ever, AJ McCarron is unhappy with… Cracker Barrel. The Alabama Crimson Tide quarter back AJ McCarron tweeted: The @CrackerBarrel on exit 76 in Tuscaloosa management is really bad and I feel sorry for the company with such a good rep. Lost my respect! I guess…
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The college football themed Halloween costumes from last night include AJ McCarron, Gary Pinkel, and Kevin Sumlin

Gary Pinkel Halloween

If you are a good parent, you dressed your kids up like college football icons last night. Thank God you took pictures and put them on the internet because these are amazing. We have AJ McCarron with Katherine Webb (complete with chest tattoo), little Gary Pinkel, and little Kevin Sumlin. Halloween is over but we…
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AJ McCarron is taunting AJ Johnson because Alabama hates Tennessee [VIDEO]

AJ McCarron Johnson

AJ McCarron and a Tennessee Volunteer defender not getting along? This seems so unlikely! Well, not really AJ McCarron and AJ Johnson of the Tennessee Volunteers may want to live in a world where men get along with men in a respectable way. To be honest, it looks like McCarron instigated this fight. Usually the…
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Can’t we just enjoy Johnny Manziel?

Texas A&M Spring Football Game

If you aren’t aware of the various scandals and skepticism surrounding Johnny Manziel by now, chances are you’re just not a fan of college football. Manziel, of course, is the superstar quarterback for Texas A&M who has earned himself the nickname “Johnny Football.” In 2012, Manziel carried his team to an upset victory over powerhouse…
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AJ McCarron is preparing for Virginia Tech without a boot on his foot

AJ McCarron

Last night there were rumors that AJ McCarron had been walking around in a boot before the Virginia Tech Hokies – Alabama Crimson Tide game. In what I call “Bootgate”, the internet argued whether or not the this would impact the game. Well @BarrettSallee is currently at the Georgia Dome and confirmed that McCarron was…
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AJ McCarron’s SUV has a boot on it


AJ McCarron’s SUV looks to have a boot on it probably from parking in a restricted area. The quarterback’s SUV has been identified before as having the plate AJM 10 obviously standing for AJ McCarron and his number 10. Usually they put a boot on a car after a parking ticket or the accumulation of…
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Ray Lewis

I’m just going to leave this Ray Lewis GIF right here guys. Johnny Manziel has some serious arm candy [College Football Section] Hugh Freeze is making Ole Miss a powerhouse. No, seriously. [Bleacher Report] Katherine Webb to appear on Dancing With The Stars? MAKE IT STOP! [Speleb] Apparently this is Morgan Freeman? Maybe not? [NESN]

Ndamukong Suh and Katherine Webb to be on Diving With The Stars?

Katherine Webb Suh

Are Ndamukong Suh and Katherine Webb to appear on Dancing With The Stars together? Normally we don’t care about Katherine Webb(views) but when you put Suh in the equation, that is a story. Can you imagine Suh (aka the HOUSE OF SPEARS) dancing with the gorgeous Katherine Webb that Brent Musburger gushed over and created…
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There is a petition to the White House to deport AJ McCarron


AJ McCarron is coming off another BCS Championship Game win from January 7th and his current girlfriend, Katherine Webb, is entertaining quite a bit of fame as well. So not only does this guy have two BCS National Championship Trophies but he is also dating Miss Alabama who Brent Musburger gushed over during the game…
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