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Alabama fans and Oklahoma fans fight in the stands [VIDEO]


Want to see madness in football fandom form? This is what it is. It’s a female fan yelling at an Oklahoma Sooner’s fan and then getting in a fight. She made the superman pose and dove on him. Never mess with the Alabama Crimson Tide (on or off the field y’all). HT @LandThieves

This LSU fan handled the loss to Alabama by drunkenly dancing [VIDEO]

Drunk LSU Fan Dance

Sometimes your team wins. Sometimes your team loses. Even when your team loses, there is nothing wrong with dancing! Just ask this (what seems like an) LSU Tiger fan. He was showing off some moves during the loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Sometimes you gotta dance the pain away. HT The Big Lead

Zach Mettenberger is mad on the sidelines y’all [GIF]

Zach Mettenberger

  It’s easy to lose your cool when you are losing. Zach Mettenberger of the LSU Tigers got super pissed off and threw his own helmet. That’s smart! I guess he really wanted to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide. Don’t worry Zach, you’ll always have your amazing facial hair. Alabama will always have their championships. […]

This LSU bro just wants to dance! [GIF]

LSU Fan Dance

  This LSU Tiger bro is a champion. He just wants to dance and lead the cheer and he does it well. Hats off to you Tiger bro. You are doing it well. When your team plays the Alabama Crimson Tide, you need some soul power! [CBS]

AJ McCarron is taunting AJ Johnson because Alabama hates Tennessee [VIDEO]

AJ McCarron Johnson

AJ McCarron and a Tennessee Volunteer defender not getting along? This seems so unlikely! Well, not really AJ McCarron and AJ Johnson of the Tennessee Volunteers may want to live in a world where men get along with men in a respectable way. To be honest, it looks like McCarron instigated this fight. Usually the […]

This is what Alabama jammer pants look like in case you were wondering [PHOTO]


Do you like houndstooth? Do you like Alabama pajamas? Then this blog post is for you? Sometimes you need some overalls that just have the Alabama Crimson Tide logo all over them AMIRITE? It doesn’t hurt to have some attractive blond girls in there. Wear your elephant hats pruned. ROLL UNIFORMS! i ┬álove the hats. […]