Alabama Crimson Tide


An Auburn fan has a 1 second license plate making fun of Alabama [PHOTO]

Auburn Alabama License Plate

If you know any Auburn fans, then you probably know what the phrase “Got a second?” as it relates to Auburn Tiger football. Auburn was able to upset the highly ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl last year and the kick six that ended the game will forever live on. Apparently an Auburn…
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Bama fans are showing up the SEC Championship despite the fact that they aren’t playing

SEC Championship

  Alabama fans are showing up to the SEC Championship game despite the fact that they aren’t playing in it. One guy spent 700 dollars on tickets and he is just hear to root against the Auburn Tigers when they take on the Missouri Tigers. I guess a man has to have a purpose. Would…
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Zach Mettenberger is mad on the sidelines y’all [GIF]

Zach Mettenberger

  It’s easy to lose your cool when you are losing. Zach Mettenberger of the LSU Tigers got super pissed off and threw his own helmet. That’s smart! I guess he really wanted to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide. Don’t worry Zach, you’ll always have your amazing facial hair. Alabama will always have their championships.…
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Derek Jeter is in the stands for the Alabama Crimson Tide – LSU Tiger game [PHOTO]

Derek Jeter Alabama LSU

  In case you were wondering where Derek Jeter is tonight, fear not! He is at the Alabama Crimson Tide – LSU Tiger SEC match up. This is the top match up in college football for the weekend. The New York Yankee is in the stands and watching some good ol’ fashioned SEC football. Enjoy…
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LSU’s student paper made fun of Alabama fans before the big game this weekend

LSU Student Paper

  LSU’s student paper decided to take a shot at Alabama fans before the Crimson Tide and Tigers face off this weekend. They piece was called 10 clues you are an Alabama fan and it was pretty brutal to Bama fans. Of course there is a funny picture of Nick Saban and plenty of Alabama…
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AJ McCarron is taunting AJ Johnson because Alabama hates Tennessee [VIDEO]

AJ McCarron Johnson

AJ McCarron and a Tennessee Volunteer defender not getting along? This seems so unlikely! Well, not really AJ McCarron and AJ Johnson of the Tennessee Volunteers may want to live in a world where men get along with men in a respectable way. To be honest, it looks like McCarron instigated this fight. Usually the…
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A company in Tennessee is taunting the Alabama Crimson Tide and Nick Saban [PHOTO]

Vols Witt Alabama Sign

  Witt Lumber, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, has placed this sign in front of their building and it has a message for Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide. This is either the best idea or worst idea in the history of football. The sign reads “Dear Mr. Saban. Your Next. Vol Nation.” If Butch…
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