Auburn Tigers


An Auburn fan has a 1 second license plate making fun of Alabama [PHOTO]

Auburn Alabama License Plate

If you know any Auburn fans, then you probably know what the phrase “Got a second?” as it relates to Auburn Tiger football. Auburn was able to upset the highly ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl last year and the kick six that ended the game will forever live on. Apparently an Auburn…
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These Auburn Tiger fans either don’t have day jobs or are playing hooky for Bruce Pearl [PHOTO]

Bruce Pearl Auburn

  The airport in Auburn, Alabama is full of Auburn fans waiting for their new college football head coach Bruce Pearl. Pearl used to coach at Tennessee and was let go due to some questionable circumstances,. Either this group of Auburn Tiger fans are lacking day jobs or their bosses are extremely flexible. Pearl is…
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Bama fans are showing up the SEC Championship despite the fact that they aren’t playing

SEC Championship

  Alabama fans are showing up to the SEC Championship game despite the fact that they aren’t playing in it. One guy spent 700 dollars on tickets and he is just hear to root against the Auburn Tigers when they take on the Missouri Tigers. I guess a man has to have a purpose. Would…
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Auburn’s Nick Marshall threw the most amazing Hail Mary against Georgia for the win [VIDEO]

Nick Marshall

Want to see someone covert a pass on 4th and 18? Look no further. Nick Marshall just pulled off one of the craziest Hail Mary’s of all time. The Georgia defensive back batted the ball up in the air instead of down allowing the Auburn receiver to score a touchdown and reclaim the lead. This…
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Mark Richt got tackled on the sidelines and was limping [VIDEO]

Mark Richt Tackled

Mark Richt was on the sideline coaching his team and then BAM some Georgia and Auburn players ran into him knocking him over. It wasn’t too bad of a hit but funny none-the-less. It’s only funny because he wasn’t seriously injured. He got up and was limping slightly. Mark Richt is not having a good…
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A car divided with a split Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tiger paint job [PHOTO]

Crimson Tide LSU Tiger Car

  The owner of this car must truly have a house divided for the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers. Half of the Jetta is covered in houndstooth and a giant raging elephant representing Alabama. The other half is all Auburn Tiger with a roaring Tiger. Let’s take a second to appreciate the giant…
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Jeff Foxworthy spotted in Auburn gear


Jeff Foxworthy was spotted in Auburn Tiger gear today at Camp War Eagle. Foxworthy is known for his one liners that start with “You might be a redneck.” Who knew Foxworthy was an Auburn fan. Jeff was born in Atlanta and went to Georgia Tech. Apparently Foxworthy’s daughter is attending Auburn and Camp War Eagle…
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