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Bruce Pearl is giving away free pizza to Auburn Tiger fans today


  Bruce Pearl is new to the Auburn Tigers but he is trying to make a great first impression. How does one make a great first impression to college students? Obviously pizza. Thanks to Corey Koogler, we know that Pearl wants to try and bribe the locals with some za’s. Pearl is a great coach […]

Nelly is on the sidelines for the SEC Championship Game [PHOTO]


  Nelly, the rap singer, is a big fan of the Missouri Tigers. He is on the Mizzou sidelines while they take on the Auburn Tigers. It’s a battle in the trenches right now but Nelly is there to cheer on his team. He is actually mad at major networks for not supporting Mizzou more. […]

Mark Richt got tackled on the sidelines and was limping [VIDEO]

Mark Richt Tackled

Mark Richt was on the sideline coaching his team and then BAM some Georgia and Auburn players ran into him knocking him over. It wasn’t too bad of a hit but funny none-the-less. It’s only funny because he wasn’t seriously injured. He got up and was limping slightly. Mark Richt is not having a good […]

Jeff Foxworthy spotted in Auburn gear


Jeff Foxworthy was spotted in Auburn Tiger gear today at Camp War Eagle. Foxworthy is known for his one liners that start with “You might be a redneck.” Who knew Foxworthy was an Auburn fan. Jeff was born in Atlanta and went to Georgia Tech. Apparently Foxworthy’s daughter is attending Auburn and Camp War Eagle […]

An Auburn fan just got tatted up with a picture of Toomer’s Corner


The oaks at Toomer’s Corner are gone thanks to a crazy guy named Harvey Updyke who poisoned them, they will live on in tattoo form. The War Eagle Reader was able to obtain pictures of the tattoo as well as the guy’s name which happens to be Giancarlo Guida. Guida happens to be a former […]