Online recruiting services are starting to creep Kai Locksley out [PHOTO]

Kai Locksley

  Caring about your team is important. Sometimes caring about your team too much can be a little creepy. Kai Locksley is finding out what it’s like to be a high profile athlete being talked about on online message boards. It’s really creepy. Apparently he put a picture up of him and his mom on…
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These Auburn Tiger fans either don’t have day jobs or are playing hooky for Bruce Pearl [PHOTO]

Bruce Pearl Auburn

  The airport in Auburn, Alabama is full of Auburn fans waiting for their new college football head coach Bruce Pearl. Pearl used to coach at Tennessee and was let go due to some questionable circumstances,. Either this group of Auburn Tiger fans are lacking day jobs or their bosses are extremely flexible. Pearl is…
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AJ McCarron is really unhappy with the Cracker Barrel in Tuscaloosa

AJ McCarron Cracker Barrel

  The week before one of the biggest Iron Bowls ever, AJ McCarron is unhappy with… Cracker Barrel. The Alabama Crimson Tide quarter back AJ McCarron tweeted: The @CrackerBarrel on exit 76 in Tuscaloosa management is really bad and I feel sorry for the company with such a good rep. Lost my respect! I guess…
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Auburn is trolling Alabama by putting Cam Newton on the Iron Bowl tickets [PHOTO]

Alabama Auburn Cam Newton Iron Bowl

  The Iron Bowl will take place on November 30th, 2013 and if you are an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, you will have to use a ticket that has Cam Newton’s face on it. Most Alabama fans will not like that one bit. Cam Newton lead the Auburn Tigers to a BCS National Championship in…
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A Mississippi coffee shop is making fun of Auburn on it’s sign


Strange Brew coffee house in Starkville, Mississippi is taking a shot at the Auburn Tigers. The sign reads “AUBURN THERE’S YOUR JOKE.” Auburn takes on the Mississippi State Bulldogs this weekend for an SEC matchup. Both teams are unproven and aren’t expected to be stellar this season. Whoever loses this game is going to have…
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Gus Malzahn celebrated his first win as Auburn’s head coach at Waffle House


Gus Malzahn is a simple man it seems. What would you do after your first win as an SEC coach? If you are Malzahn, you go to a Waffle House with your wife that night. Malzahn was the offensive coordinator the 2010 Auburn Tiger BCS National Championship team. He returned to the plains this season…
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Clint Moseley has left the Auburn Tigers according to Gus Malzahn

Clint Moseley

  According to Yahoo! Sports, Gus Malzahn has announced that Auburn Tiger quarterback will be leaving the team. He is still enrolled at Auburn University and is still taking classes but will not be with the Auburn Tiger football team. The once starting quarterback lost his starting role. On time starter stays, Kiehl Frazier, stays…
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Rick Muscles explores the real reasons why Cam Newton returned to Auburn

Rick Muscles

  Internet sensation, @RickMuscles, was nice enough to give us a post on Cam Newton returning to Auburn to finish his degree. He has written for sites such as Friends of The Program and Every Day Should Be Saturday. Basically, if you aren’t following him on Twitter, you are digitally punching our fore fathers in…
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