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This Alabama t-shirt mixes politics and football

Roll Tide

  An Alabama football Crimson Tide t-shirt got caught up with politics with this shirt. The Alabama shirt reads: Alabama Tradition Rights 15 and counting and can’t ban this This, of course, spells out RTR which means Roll Tide Roll and make a statement of gun control. Of course a Bear Bryant reference had to […]

Roll Coke bottle


Lately we’ve seen an influx of funny Alabama Crimson Tide gear that has intrigued us. This product is just another example of the awesomeness that has been created. This old Coke bottle has Bear Bryant on it and looks to be a collectible. Bear has a statue outside of Alabama’s stadium as well as current […]

You can now buy your customized three wheeled Nick Saban motorcycle


In case you wanted a Bear Bryant/Alabama Crimson Tide/Nick Saban themed three wheeled “motorcycle”, where is your chance to buy one. I’m sure this thing will be on the market for a few more hours before an Alabama Crimson Tide fan picks this baby up. It is completely covered from head to toe in Alabama […]

Alabama fans race to meet Nick Saban


Alabama Crimson Tide fans are lining up by the hundreds to great their head coach Nick Saban. This event is known tongue and check as “The running of the Gumps”. The term Gump is derived from the movie Forrest Gump who fictionally played for Bear Bryant in the movie. It describes Alabama fans that are […]

Saban-Palin 2012 PAAAAWWWWLLL


Via @AuburnProblems We don’t like to discuss politics on this blog but sometimes you have to make an exception when someone photoshops a Bear Bryant style hat on Sarah Palin’s head and a Crimson A on her chest.