Dana Holgerson


The West Virginia mascot killed a bear with the musket he uses at games


Jonathan Kimble is West Virginia’s Mountaineer’s mascot who shot and killed a black bear. The act was not illegal and pictures of the kill were posted on the Internet. The story spread when people found out he used the actual musket that is used on on West Virginia’s field. This made people nervous. Also, WVU…
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Anyone know who sponsored the NFL Pregame Kickoff Show? Anyone? Bueller? The top 5 games you’ll want to be watching this weekend. I can’t find Florida’s game on here. [College Football Section] Black Heart Gold Pants was nice enough to have me on a podcast where I did a terrible job [Black Heart Gold Pants]…
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West Virginia put up a billboard welcoming themselves to the Big 12


West Virginia is no stranger to putting up billboards for momentous football occasions. They already put up a billboard with the score of the Orange Bowl versus the Clemson Tigers as their speed limit on the highways. There is now a billboard welcoming West Virginia to the Big 12 Conference after leaving the Big East…
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