More signs of the “Fire Will Muschamp” campaign are surfacing [PHOTO]

Fire Will Muschamp Fired

  The natives are restless in Gainesville with head coach Will Muschamp. The campaign to fire him is going strong. There have been signs placed on The Bull Gator, now it’s written on cars, and someone even started a Twitter account for it. Now that the internet is involved, it’s getting serious. I for one…
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Will Muschamp described the Florida Gator offense as inept [VIDEO]

Will Muschamp Angry

Things didn’t go well for the Florida Gators and Will Muschamp on Saturday against the Missouri Tigers. On the first play of the game, Cody Riggs was kicked out of the game for targeting. Basically nothing went well for Muschamp. Muschamp called the offense totally inept. He was disappointed in the run game, pass protection,…
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Will Ferrell talks about the firing of Lane Kiffin and impersonates Ed Orgeron [VIDEO]

Lane Kiffin Ed Orgeron

On the Dan Patrick show, Will Ferrell came on and did a nice impersonation of Ed Orgeron after Lane Kiffin’s firing. Thank God the most popular Southern California fan has a sense of humor about the inability of Ed’s ability to speak. At least Orgeron made it in Sandra Bullocks’ “The Blind Side.” Ferrell talks…
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USC allegedly fired a coach because Lane Kiffin felt threatened by him


Apparently Lane Kiffin and the Southern California Trojans fired assistant coach Kennedy Pola because Kiffin felt threatened by Pola. According to Inside USC: A Pac-12 coach, who did not wish to be identified, said he heard USC assistant Kennedy Pola was fired because Lane Kiffin felt “threatened” by Pola. “He knew Kennedy was a no-nonsense…
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Gene Chizik has been fired as the Auburn Tigers head coach

Gene-Chizik-Fired is reporting that Auburn Tiger head coach has been fired as head coach. He was hired after a terrible season while coaching the Iowa State Cyclones while having a completely terrible record. Turner Gill was another possible candidate for the job but was not hired. In 2010, Gene Chizik won a BCS National Championship…
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John L. Smith has been let go from the Arkansas Razorbacks

John L Smith Arkansas Razorbacks Fired

John L. Smith was let go as the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks today after losing to the LSU Tigers yesterday after some very poor coaching decisions. Smith is almost broke and the Razorbacks have been a complete let down this year and even lost to Louisiana Monroe. John L. Smith is officially out…
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Martin Solveig Hello

We apologize for the lack of posts the past couple of days. Things have been crazy at Throw The Flag headquarters. We’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming with GIFs, bad jokes, and breaking news. This seemed appropriate for the first post back. Oh hey! @cfbsection of College Football Section and I started a website just…
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