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Chandler Parsons shaved his head for a little kid with Cancer [PHOTO]

Chandler Parsons

Chandler Parsons was a star at Florida and is quietly doing awesome at the Houston Rockets. He recently starred in an advertisement where he posed shirtless. That’s all cool right? What’s cooler? He shaved his head for a 7 year old Patrick that has Cancer. I hate Cancer. I’ve lost friends and family to it. […]

Matthew Stafford got jacked up in the face by Matt Elam [GIF]

Matthew Stafford

  Hello Matthew Stafford, we all know you are used to getting jacked up by Florida Gators. This is no different. Matt Elam would like to rip your face off! How do you feel about that? Oh well you got the penalty. I hope your face is still attached. This is a dirty dirty game […]

Georgia Southern players celebrate their win over the Florida Gators [GIF]

Georgia Southern Celebration Celebrates

  Georgia Southern was able to upset the Florida Gators 26 to 20 and their players are acting accordingly. They are dancing and finger point into the camera. Georgia Southern fans are coming absolutely crazy in The Swamp. Will Muschamp is under some tremendous heat. I wonder if we will see him next season at […]

Skyler Mornhinweg was hit in the face really really hard [GIF]

Skyler Mornhinweg

  Skyler Mornhinweg was just hit really hard in the face while probably trying to see one of the most memorable moments in his life. The Georgia Southern player nailed him in the head and it looked intentional. Skyler ended up being okay and was able to celebrate with celebration. Game isn’t over yet fellas. […]

South Carolina kid fans are sexually assaulting this Florida Gator [GIF]

South Carolina Gamecocks

  What happens when you beat the Florida Gators at home? You buy your kids some Gator toy and have them do inappropriate things to it on television. South Carolina is enjoying their win over Will Muschamp and the Florida Gators. Right now I hate everything. Maybe I’ll just go on a bender and ruin […]

Angry Will Muschamp is angry [GIF]

Angry Will Muschamp

  Will Muschamp of the Florida Gators was not happy with this call. He got really really angry like he used to do a lot last year. We love watching Will Muschamp having an EO which he tells his family is an emotional outburst. Come watch and celebrate a Will Muschamp EO with us. Imagine […]

Excited South Carolina bros are excited [GIF]

South Carolina Fans

These South Carolina Gamecock bros are super excited over the stop on the 3rd down. Look at that blonde haired guy who is super psyched. Look how psyched he is. This is an epic bro down. The Gators are currently winning but that could change soon. [ESPN2]  

More signs of the “Fire Will Muschamp” campaign are surfacing [PHOTO]

Fire Will Muschamp Fired

  The natives are restless in Gainesville with head coach Will Muschamp. The campaign to fire him is going strong. There have been signs placed on The Bull Gator, now it’s written on cars, and someone even started a Twitter account for it. Now that the internet is involved, it’s getting serious. I for one […]

This Florida Gator wide receiver had the best catch of the year [VIDEO]


This is juggling catch of the year by Ahmad Fulwood. I’m one of the biggest Florida fans out there and I didn’t know his name. It was juggled, kicked, and caught by a Gator. Vanderbilt may be able to snap a 22 game win streak but at least we can win at acrobatics! Will Will […]