Gangnam Style


Notre Dame and Alabama players engaged in a Gangnam Style dance off during a Miami Heat game

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The Alabama Crimson Tide and Notre Dame Fighting Irish players are already in Miami, Florida for the BCS National Championship. Some of the players made their way over to the Miami Heat game where they were then asked to go to the DJ booth. Alabama wide receiver Christion Jones and Notre Dame nose guard Louis…
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The Oregon duck cheerleaders and band make another GANGNAM STYLE by PSJ complete with the Oregon Cheerleaders. Also, by Oregon Cheerleader, I mean some random girls who dressed up in Oregon colors. South Carolina’s punt return against Georgia was nothing short of spectacular [College Football Section] FARK: Auburn’s offensive line blocking [I Bleed Crimson Red]…
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Wisconsin fans produce a GANGNAM STYLE video that actually wasn’t horrible

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Wisconsin Badger fans produced a parody of the popular music video by PSJ called GANGNAM STYLE. This video is basically just like the Carly Rae Jepsen parody video craze. Everyone is making one. These videos are getting out of control. This Badger produced video was actually pretty decent. You can tell they had high quality…
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