Gene Chizik


Massive campaign started at Auburn to fire Jay Jacobs


If you’ve been on the Internet recently, all you’ve heard about it how a former New York Times writer and a former Auburn Tiger football player is accusing Auburn of paying players and everything you can imagine. It’s all conjecture and hearsay and it even caused former Auburn coach Gene Chizik to release a 2…
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Clint Moseley has left the Auburn Tigers according to Gus Malzahn

Clint Moseley

  According to Yahoo! Sports, Gus Malzahn has announced that Auburn Tiger quarterback will be leaving the team. He is still enrolled at Auburn University and is still taking classes but will not be with the Auburn Tiger football team. The once starting quarterback lost his starting role. On time starter stays, Kiehl Frazier, stays…
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Auburn’s defensive coordinator, Ellis Johnson, cell phone was stolen while recruiting

Ellis Johnson

  According to Ellis Johnson’s Twitter feed, his cell phone was stolen while recruiting for the Auburn Tigers. The new Auburn defensive coordinator has been trying to hold together Auburn’s recruiting class after Gene Chizik was fired by the university. It’s not funny when someone gets their cell phone stolen but it is humorous that…
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Gene Chizik has been fired as the Auburn Tigers head coach

Gene-Chizik-Fired is reporting that Auburn Tiger head coach has been fired as head coach. He was hired after a terrible season while coaching the Iowa State Cyclones while having a completely terrible record. Turner Gill was another possible candidate for the job but was not hired. In 2010, Gene Chizik won a BCS National Championship…
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The NCAA is investigating the Auburn football program


According to Yahoo! Sports and Pat Forde, the NCAA is investigating the Auburn football program for possible benefits in exchange for play. A lot of people have been predicting this for sometime. Here is what the Yahoo! Sports report had to say: According to multiple sources, NCAA investigators have been working for weeks on potential…
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Is Gene Chizik about to be fired?


According to a 24/7 sports Auburn message board and BamaHammer, Gene Chizik, who has been long on the hot seat, is hinting that he has been fired or about to be fired. Auburn 24/7 is hinting that Gene Chizik is out, or about to be. — BamaHammer (@Bama_Hammer) November 8, 2012 Do you believe message…
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Alabama holds the championship for best moon pies


Are you and Alabama Crimson Tide fan? Are you and Auburn Tiger fan? Do you want Gene Chizik fired? Do you worship Nick Saban on Sundays? Maybe you would like to add to your diabetes risk by buying these moon pies that are Alabama or Auburn themed. The people seem to love them! These moon…
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