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Georgia Football would like to wish you a Merry Christmas

Georgia Football Happy Holidays

  Did I say Merry Christmas? I meant Happy Holidays! That’s kind of the same thing right? Probably not but oh well. The Dawgs would like to with you a Happy Holidays. Look at Athens covered in snow and that Holiday spirit. Personally  I would like to say “Thanks Georgia, I hope you lose to […]

Matthew Stafford got jacked up in the face by Matt Elam [GIF]

Matthew Stafford

  Hello Matthew Stafford, we all know you are used to getting jacked up by Florida Gators. This is no different. Matt Elam would like to rip your face off! How do you feel about that? Oh well you got the penalty. I hope your face is still attached. This is a dirty dirty game […]

Will Muschamp told an official that that call was BS [GIF]

Will Muschamp Bullshit

  Will Muschamp is going to have a rough day today against the Georgia Bulldogs. They are already down 14 to nothing. It looks like Will Muschamp is saying “That’s bull shit” and maybe the officials name. Aaron Murray is throwing the football all over the Florida Gators. [CBS]

There is a mechanical Gator that you can ride on at the Florida Georgia game

Florida Gator Mechanical

  At the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party, one Florida Gator fan brought his set up where you can ride a giant mechanical Gator. That is one hell of a tailgate. It looks like one of those mechanical bulls you can ride in southern bars but portable. All is fair in Jacksonville, Florida today where […]

The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is proceeding as scheduled [PHOTO]

Passed Out Drunk Fan

  It’s the Florida Georgia game in Jacksonville today so you know what that means. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party! Things look like they are proceeding as scheduled with this drunk Florida fan passed out outside Everbank Field in Jacksonville. Hopefully he’ll sober up before the game starts. Learn to pace yourselves Gator fans. […]

Quinton Dial will not be suspended by the SEC


The SEC released a statement saying that no suspensions will be made resulting from the SEC Championship Game that would result in any suspensions in the BCS National Championship Game. Quinton Dial had a controversial hit on Aaron Murray that probably should have resulted in at least a penalty after an interception. According to Bama […]

The 2012 SEC hype video has been released

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 4.16.15 PM

The SEC Championship game is set for this weekend and of course a hype video has already been created by passionate fans. The Alabama Crimson Tide are set to kick off against the Georgia Bulldogs. The winner of the game will make it to the National Championship game and face Notre Dame.