Johnny Manziel


Texas A&M is honoring our nation’s military by wearing these patriotic helmets [PHOTOS]

Texas Military

  Texas A&M is wearing these helmets against UTEP to show their patriotic nature. They already have male Aggie cheerleaders. I can’t wait to see Johnny Manziel in one of these bad boys. It’s military appreciation day! How would you celebrate? Is this awesome or do you like Joseph Stalin? Here it is! In honor…
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Can’t we just enjoy Johnny Manziel?

Texas A&M Spring Football Game

If you aren’t aware of the various scandals and skepticism surrounding Johnny Manziel by now, chances are you’re just not a fan of college football. Manziel, of course, is the superstar quarterback for Texas A&M who has earned himself the nickname “Johnny Football.” In 2012, Manziel carried his team to an upset victory over powerhouse…
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Texas fans put up a banner supporting Alabama over Texas A&M in Birmingham


Despite the fact that the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Texas Longhorns in a national championship game, Texas fans are offering support in the form of banners that say “Hook ‘em Bama.” Texas and Texas A&M are rivals that used to be in the same conference. Now, TAMU is in the SEC while Texas remains…
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SEC QB girlfriends Sarah Savage and Katherine Webb appear to be engaging in bikini wars


The dreaded offseason in college football is upon us. While some players are moving on and trying out for the NFL combine, some South Eastern Conference girlfriends are posting revealing pictures of themselves. All the buzz has been about Katherine Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron, but now it seems another…
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Johnny Manziel and Rob Gronkowski are definitely bros

Johnny Manziel Rob Gronkowski

  Deadspin pointed out that these athletes are the least likely to be seen partying with their shirts on, no girls, and no alcohol and they were right. We’ve seen photos of Johnny Manziel with Dom Perigdon champagne. We rarely see Rob Gronkowski with his shirt on. Manziel had firework in his mouth partying with…
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