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Texas A&M is honoring our nation’s military by wearing these patriotic helmets [PHOTOS]

1x1.trans Texas A&M is honoring our nations military by wearing these patriotic helmets [PHOTOS]


Texas A&M is wearing these helmets against UTEP to show their patriotic nature. They already have male Aggie cheerleaders. I can’t wait to see Johnny Manziel in one of these bad boys. It’s military appreciation day! How would you celebrate? Is this awesome or do you like Joseph Stalin?

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Texas A&M Spring Football Game

Can’t we just enjoy Johnny Manziel?

1x1.trans Cant we just enjoy Johnny Manziel?

If you aren’t aware of the various scandals and skepticism surrounding Johnny Manziel by now, chances are you’re just not a fan of college football.

Manziel, of course, is the superstar quarterback for Texas A&M who has earned himself the nickname “Johnny Football.” In 2012, Manziel carried his team to an upset victory over powerhouse Alabama, and went on to become the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. The result of Manziel’s first season at A&M is clear: he’s turned his own team into a true powerhouse, and a team to watch. In fact, if you take a glance at the Betfair news sports betting exchange, with updated outlooks college football competitors, you’ll see Texas A&M listed with some of the best odds to win this year’s college championship. Their backing odds are right alongside traditional juggernauts like Bama, Ohio State, Oregon, etc.

However, the career of Johnny Manziel has already become about a great deal more than success. Instead of simply enjoying Johnny Manziel’s on-field brilliance, football fans have been forced to view him with an air of skepticism. This is due to a run of controversy, from the end of last season until now, that can be summed up with these points:

    • In January, Manziel tweeted a photo of himself holding an impressive handful of cash at a casino.


    • After receiving a parking ticket at school, Manziel tweeted frustration that included the idea that he “can’t wait to leave College Station,” where his school plays football.
    • Manziel left his instructor role at the Manning Passing Academy this summer under speculation that a hangover had caused him to show up late to his duties.
    • Stories broke late this summer about Manziel and his Uncle Nate apparently profiting from the star’s signing autographs.
    • The NCAA met with Manziel about the autograph allegations and so far seems satisfied that no further scandal is ongoing.

Given these points, it’s tough not to view the QB with a bit of skepticism. But we should also ask ourselves if we’re being too hard on Manziel. Here are a few points to consider: first of all, his gambling photo was entirely legal – Manziel is over 18, and allowed to gamble in legal facilities (like the one he was in) as long as it’s not sports betting. Second, any college student might get frustrated and bemoan campus punishments like parking tickets.

Of course, underage drinking and the sale of autographs can still be very serious problems – but there’s no denying that the sports media seems to be out to get Manziel simply to create a story out of “Johnny Football.” If you watched Manziel’s 2nd half in A&M’s loss to Alabama this past weekend, you saw a truly special talent and competitor nearly pull off the impossible for a second straight year. If he’s found definitively guilty for something serious, we can talk about it – until then, let’s just enjoy this kid’s play.