The Big Ten mascots took a selfie in front of the White House [PHOTO]


If you were wandering the streets of Washington DC, you may have seen all of the mascots of the Big Ten conference decide to pose for an epic selfie. The B1G is welcoming Rutgers and Maryland to their conference and what better way to show their affection? Who doesn’t want to see a Spartan, a…
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The WVU Mountaineer is handing out autographed pictures of himself at the spring game


In a weird turn of events for the West Virginia Mountaineer spring game, the Mountaineer mascot is apparently handing out signed autographed of himself per his Twitter feed. Usually mascots aren’t that famous on most campuses but that is apparently different at WVU. Usually the mascot is just some guy (or girl) in a costume…
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The Oregon Duck visits the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

The Oregon Duck visits the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Puddles, the Oregon Duck mascot, took a visit to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and filmed this Ferris Bueller spoof video. Puddles (as Ferris Bueller), a Sloane Peterson look alike, and a Cameron Frye look alike, all visited the museum to recreate a scene from the popular 80’s movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where…
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The West Virginia mascot killed a bear with the musket he uses at games


Jonathan Kimble is West Virginia’s Mountaineer’s mascot who shot and killed a black bear. The act was not illegal and pictures of the kill were posted on the Internet. The story spread when people found out he used the actual musket that is used on on West Virginia’s field. This made people nervous. Also, WVU…
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Yeah, Bret Bielema should fit right in at Arkansas. The West Virginia Mascot shot a bear with a musket. We’re not kidding. Dana Holgerson would be proud son. [College Football Section] The in relentless hammer of the NCAA is about to drop on LSU for these terrible infractions. [Friends of The Program] Money. Cash. Throws.…
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Western Kentucky’s Hilltopper mascot climbed up into the stands [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 8.23.33 PM

Western Kentucky has a mascot that has been inducted into the mascot hall of fame. He is called The Hilltopper and his head is shaped like a hill. He appeared on an ESPN commercial to eat a jersey. Not sure what is funnier, the fact that one announcer says “What the heck is that?” or…
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Texas A&M’s mascot has her own email address


Texas A&M has a mascot named Reveille that apparently has it’s own email address. We’re still searching the Internet for what it may be because I want to send a very important email to her. It’s kind of ironic that they don’t have female cheerleaders but they have a feminine mascot. Reveille, the Texas A&M…
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