Mike Leach


Mike Leach banned from high school after pulling offer from recruit


Apparently Washington State Cougar Head Coach Mike Leach is in some trouble with DeSoto High School. Apparently he offered a recruit at DeSoto High School and then rescinded the offer. This apparently led school officials to make sure the dread pirate Leach would not be welcome at the local school. According to Dr. Saturday: Washington…
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Mike Leach will talk to your sister in Key West whether you like it or not


What’s that? Mike Leach spotted at a bar talking to a nice young lady that happens to be @benwhiting1’s sister? That’s exactly what it is. Leach is the head coach of the Washington State Cougars and formerly of Texas Tech before getting fired for allegedly locking a player in an electrical closet. Spotted: Mike Leach…
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Four coaches on are on the hot seat. Joker Philips isn’t one of them. Guess who they are? [College Football Section] Christian Ponder claims that his girlfriend Samantha Steele has nothing to do with his football struggles [Busted Coverage] Mike Leach has an insanely kind presser which is weird for Mike Leach [Lost Lettermen] Early…
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Washington Hopes To Get Passing Game Going Against Utes


All things considered, the Washington State Cougars and Utah Utes are not the best teams in college football currently. They both have losing records and do not look to have a chance of making it past the regular season this year. While both teams certainly have their problems, they do have some strengths they can…
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Cornfields across the nation prepare for college football


The latest player to enter the “who can make the best college football cornfield” game is now the Washington State Cougars. We’ve seen Mizzou do it already upon their recent change in conference alignment. The cornfield reads: WAVETHEFLAG #GOCOUGS REDBARNFARMS According to Dr. Saturday, the 12 acre maze is located on Red Barn Farms in…
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The Mike Leach Bobblehead is real and extremely hard to obtain


This Mike Leach Bobblehead photo was recently released by the official Washinton State Cougar’s athletic account. Rumors of a Mike Leach Bobblehead day surfaced a few weeks ago verses the Cal Bears. Now we are finding out that they will only be available for the first 10,000 fans who show up. Expect them to disappear…
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There will be a Mike Leach bobblehead day at Washington State


In case you were worried, there will in fact be a Mike Leach bobblehead day at Washington State. The Washington State Cougars will be giving away the bobbleheads of head coach Mike Leach on October 13th against the California Bears. Leach was formerly the Texas Tech Head Coach but was let go for allegedly locking…
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Craig James plans on returning to broadcasting


We learned today that Craig James has decided he wants to return to broadcasting. After losing badly in the race for the Texas Senator position, James is not giving up. ESPN has already informed us that they do not plan on re-hiring James which is music to most college football fans ears who enjoy watching…
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Craig James may not win the Congressional election


Craig James, the former ESPN broadcaster and SMU football player, does not look like he will win a spot in Congress after all. Craig James left ESPN to pursue his political aspirations. To say not many viewers liked Craig James would be quite an understatement. He was behind the ousting of Mike Leach from Texas…
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Iowa quarterback James Vandenberg stands over a dead Black Bear with a bow and arrow


James Vandenberg of the Iowa Hawkeyes is seen posing here with a deceased black bear. You can see James Vandenberg (who’s nickname seriously is “The Mandenberg”) holding a bow and arrow. When Mike Leach killed a bear, he used a gun. It appears that this guy took the old fashioned approach and used archery. This…
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