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Tennessee’s rock is giving Alabama the middle finger today [PHOTO]


Alabama recently messed with Tennessee’s infamous rock that students use to pass messages along to each other. It’s a new millennium folks. Tennessee is keeping up with technology. The Tennessee Volunteers are not backing down from the Alabama Crimson Tide troll game. The Tennessee Vols take on Alabama today. Both teams really know how to […]

Texas fans are already making Nick Saban to Texas 2014 t-shirts [PHOTO]

Nick Saban Texas 2014

  Well, Alabama Crimson Tide fans. It’s time for you to get angry and laugh at Texas Longhorn fans. Since Mack Brown is on the hot seat, people actually think Nick Saban will go to Texas. Of course, Saban is infamous in lying to the media and saying that he would not take the coaching […]

Is Alabama hosting a “black out” game in 2013?


Is Alabama hosting a “black out” game for the 2013? According to a tweet from Hunter L Johnson and a post on the official Alabama store, it appears so. A “black out” is when the entire stadium wears black. This shirt is for sale online. According to the store: The Crimson Tide are built for […]

Alabama fan gets amazing Nick Saban tattoo


In a string of Alabama events that make you not believe the event before it, has finally been out done. An Alabama Crimson Tide and Nick Saban that tattoo that takes up an entire back and looks like this? JACKPOT! The tattoo says: Sons of Saban Alabama Of course the picture wouldn’t be complete without […]

Reuben Foster’s father was arrested today after being on the run for 16 years

Reuben Foster

  According to Deadspin, Reuben Foster’s father, Danny Foster, was arrested after being on the run for 16 years in Miami. Danny Foster was wanted to assault charges and was finally nabbed after his son, Reuben Foster, signed with the Alabama Crimson Tide dressed as Nick Saban. According to AL.com: Danny Foster, father of University […]