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TJ Jones had a touchdown for Notre Dame but instead tackled himself [GIF]

TJ Jones

TJ Jones of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish almost had a touchdown against Rutgers except he decided to get tackled by… air. He probably just slipped on the turf unless supernatural forces were at work. Still, it’s hilarious. Also, Lou Holtz will blame this on something other than Notre Dame because Lou Holtz is the…
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Notre Dame and Adidas unveil new camo uniforms


Adidas and Notre Dame have unveiled their new basketball uniforms that are camouflaged. Adidas has been releasing these crazy hoops uniforms on many teams this season but these take the cake. Adidas had this to say in a tweet ADIZERO UNIFORM SYSTEM: This camo is designed to stun your opponents. ADIZERO UNIFORM SYSTEM: This camo…
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PETA is using Manti Te’o to promote the eating of non-meat products

PETA Manti Teo

  PETA has gotten involved with college football over the years in some pretty annoying ways. This one might be the worst. A couple of years ago, PETA tried to tell the Auburn Tigers that they could know longer use their Eagle because it flew into a window. Now, they are using the Notre Dame…
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Manti Te’o may have had an actual girlfriend this whole time

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 4.59.18 PM

Manti Te’o may have actually had a relationship with a girl that actually existed and who was not known to have Leukemia. discovered the Twitter account of Alexandra del Pila who happens to attend an all girls school in South Bend, Indiana. Alex’s Twitter account (@ADP_3) shows her saying that Manti Te’o decorated her…
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The Manti Te’o / Lennay Kekua story could be the weirdest sports story of all time


If you haven’t read Deadspin’s story on the alleged Manti Te’o fake dead girlfriend hoax, I would do so immediately.. After Deadspin ran that piece, the Internet basically exploded in bewilderment and of course jokes. Once people started to dig deeper, things got more serious and people saw how sick this possible prank was. Deadspin…
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Gunner Kiel can’t go to a movie without getting carded

Gunner Kiel

  Gunner Kiel, the Notre Dame back up quarterback to Everett Golson, apparently had an interesting experience at a local movie theater. Apparently Kiel doesn’t look old enough to get into an R rated movie. I feel bad for the guy. I had the same problem in high school. Apparently getting absolutely blown out by…
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Notre Dame and Alabama players engaged in a Gangnam Style dance off during a Miami Heat game

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 5.54.27 PM

The Alabama Crimson Tide and Notre Dame Fighting Irish players are already in Miami, Florida for the BCS National Championship. Some of the players made their way over to the Miami Heat game where they were then asked to go to the DJ booth. Alabama wide receiver Christion Jones and Notre Dame nose guard Louis…
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The great Notre Dame – Alabama t-shirt wars continue


We’ve all seen the anti-Alabama shirts lately by Notre Dame fans. Jimmy Clausen, former Notre Dame quarterback, tweeted a picture of one. There was one that insinuated all Alabama Crimson Tide fans lived in mobile homes. Now, Alabama fans are fighting back with t-shirts of their own. Trust me ND fans. You do not want…
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