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Couches are burning in East Lansing tonight [PHOTO]

Couch Burning

  Couches are burning in East Lansing, Michigan tonight and for good reason. Michigan State just upset the Ohio State Buckeyes where the Legends took on the Leaders. God, why don’t they name these leagues better? Sparty came out on top and made sure to put roses in their mouths. It’s standard policy in the…
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Autumn is Here

Autumn’s here. I took place in a top 25 poll and probably messed it up. Badly. [A Lot Of Sports Talk] BERT BERT BERT BERT. YOU LIKE BLONDES? [College Football Section] Aaron Rodgers is not only a good draft pick but a good guy [The Victory Formation] Your daily Crimson Tide six pack y’all [I…
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Three Ohio State freshmen football players accused of alleged rape


A female has apparently come to ABC accusing 3 Ohio State Buckeye football players of rape. Of course these reports are extremely preliminary and the suspects have not been named so this is all hearsay at this point but this sounds extremely serious. According to ABC6 here is the story: She says It happened after…
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Report: Jim Bollman to be accept Michigan State offensive coordinator position


According to @footballscoop, Jim Bollman will take over the reigns of the Michigan State Spartan offense. Currently, Bollman is the offensive line coach of the Purdue Boilmakers but served under Luke Fickell and Jim Tressel as offensive coordinator for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Once Urban Meyer took over the Buckeyes, Bollman was removed from the…
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A cop pulled over an elderly couple and mistook a Buckeye logo for a marijuana logo


There are a lot of people out there who don’t watch sports and don’t understand college logos. An elderly lady, Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, was pulled over in Tennessee because her Ohio State Buckeye logo looked like a marijuana leaf to a police officer. Bonnie is 65 and was in her vehicle with her husband. A pair…
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Ohio State would like to clarify that no turtle ever bit Woody Hayes in his man parts


If you’ve been on the internet today, you’ve heard the story that Woody Hayes had a turtle bite him on his man parts to prove how tough he was according to Urban Meyer. Meyer used to coach the Florida Gators but then took over the reigns of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State sends out…
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Ohio State and Victoria Secret are teaming up to produce apparel


Things just got a little sexier up in Columbus, Ohio with the Ohio State University teaming up with Victoria Secret according to the Columbus Dispatch. Victoria Secret will be producing OSU apparel for the ladies. I’m sure the Ohio State men will be happy with this move. According to the Dispatch: Victoria’s Secret lingerie and…
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Defensive Tackle Omar Hunter takes a shot at former Florida Gator coach Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer Florida Gators Ohio State Buckeyes

According to an article from Yahoo! Sports, defensive tackle Omar Hunter had some strong words for former Florida Gator Head Coach Urban Meyer. Urban Meyer resigned from the Gators after the 2010 to spend more time with his family. Athletic Director Jeremy Foley hired Will Muschamp who was the head coach in waiting at Texas…
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