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Go home Obie, you’re drunk and you have a game tomorrow (via @OrangeBowl) Nike and the Alabama Crimson Tide unveil new uniforms for the BCS National Championship Game tonight. [College Football Section] ROLL DAMN TIDE. RAMMER JAMMER. YELLOW HAMMER. FORREST GUMP. [Every Day Should Be Saturday] The top 10 SEC stories of 2012. It’s getting […]



WELP, I guess no one wanted to see the Orange Bowl between FSU and NIU Georgia’s punt blocked turned into a hilarious scramble for the football. [College Football Section] Heather Cox got denied on camera for an interview with Stanford’s head coach. [Outside The Box Score] How did the SEC do on New Years Say? […]

The official Orange Bowl Twitter account takes a shot at West Virginia

Orange Bowl

Whoever is running the @OrangeBowl definitely doesn’t lack a sense of humor. In last years’ Orange Bowl, the West Virginia Mountaineers defeated the Clemson Tigers 70 to 33 in what was a complete blow out. West Virginia subsequently put up a billboard to display the score of the game that also happened to be their […]

An NIU linebacker got a tattoo for the Orange Bowl


A Northern Illinois Huskie linebacker recently got a tattoo for the Orange Bowl. It took four hours for Victor Jacques to get this Orange Bowl themed tattoo. NIU looks to take on the Florida State Seminoles from the ACC. Jordan Lynch, NIU QB, has already talked trash about the Seminole defense. Now this linebacker gets […]

West Virginia put up a billboard welcoming themselves to the Big 12


West Virginia is no stranger to putting up billboards for momentous football occasions. They already put up a billboard with the score of the Orange Bowl versus the Clemson Tigers as their speed limit on the highways. There is now a billboard welcoming West Virginia to the Big 12 Conference after leaving the Big East […]

West Virginia has a billboard on I-79 with score of the Orange Bowl


Via Dominion Post What’s worse than getting destroyed by West Virginia 70-33 in the Orange Bowl? Having West Virginia put up a sign of the score 70-33 for recruiting purposes on highway I-79. It just so happens that the highways speed limit is 70 miles per hour so of course they incorporated that into the […]