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Ole Miss caught the Magnolia Bowl trophy and promptly fumbled it

Magnolia Bowl

  Ole Miss held on for a victory over the LSU Tigers 27 to 24 but that wasn’t he only thing that happened. The Ole Miss Rebels celebrated the game but managed to drop the trophy. Plenty of teams have broken trophies before. Big offensive lineman aren’t known for carrying precious objects very well. I […]

Johnny Manziel is hanging out with Rick Ross

Johnny Manziel Rick Ross

  Johnny Manziel the Heisman Trophy winner has apparently been hanging out with the rapper Rick Ross lately. To be honest, we can’t think of anything more awesome. Rick Ross, the guy who rapped the the song “Everyday I’m Hustlin” and many more is hanging out with Johnny “Football” Manziel. It’s just hilarious that this […]



Mikhail Prokhorov is super excited to watch his Nets dominate the Knicks. Barry Alvarez says that the next Wisconsin coaching contract with have a contact clause in it due to the Bret Bielema situation [College Football Section] EDSBS is ranking the mascots according to edibility. Brilliant! [Every Day Should Be Saturday] Yes, College Station, Texas […]



Georgia Southern’s helmets said “GATA” on it. Has to be an homage to Go Gata and the Florida Gators. Note: There is no way that’s true. Auburn fans created WarIrish shirts to support the enemy of their arch rival. [College Football Section] Army won the prank war against Navy. [The Victory Formation] ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Have […]