War Eagle


We’ve obtained a WarIrish button


Josh from Auburn was nice enough to hunt down the infamous pins that were handed out to support the WarIrish campaign against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Last night, we were lucky enough to have a WarIrish pin on our doorstep thus making our college football collection complete along with the Tyler Bray back tattoo t-shirt…
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Last night Keith Price looked really really confused for Washington. Another week of Sark Week! How biased is Gary Danielson? He wants to put a 1 loss SEC team in the National Championship. SEC! SEC! SEC! [College Football Section] Hey Jordan Reed, you are a 7-1 Florida Gator and you should hold your head up.…
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An Auburn Astronaut wanted the first words on the moon to be “War Eagle”


According to The War Eagle Reader, Astronaut and Auburn graduate Clifton Williams could have made the first words on the moon “War Eagle”. War Eagle is a phrase that the Auburn Tigers use as a slogan for their school. This is the quote where the Auburn Astronaut made his intentions clear: “He said that ‘War…
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Auburn produces the most “Gene Chizik” shirt ever


The Auburn Tiger football team has come out with the most Gene Chizik shirt ever. It’s made by Under Armour since Auburn has a contract with them and not Nike. According to Tiger Rags, this is being marketed as a “sideline shirt”. As War Blogle pointed out they may have a certain weakness… WARNING: This…
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